Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Review

Hey Guys, I've been playing Resident Evil 6 for about two weeks and still haven't beaten it completely. Though, I've beat ever campaign except for Ada's campaign. Anyways, when Resident Evil 6 came out, it was met with mixed reception from both critics and fans. If you read my editorial of why I was scared for Resident Evil 6, I was right. However, Resident Evil 6 isn't really a bad game, it's just that it doesn't feel like Resident Evil.
Story: 9.5
Resident Evil 6 has the best story in the series and benefits from excellent voice acting. However, Resident Evil has turned from survival horror to Hollywood action which really sucks about the game, especially for veteran Resident Evil fans. Now, out of all the campaigns, Leon's campaign is the best since it's the closest to survival horror, but has difficult bosses. Chris and Jake's campaigns were bad in my opinion, while Chris's campaign is more emotional.

Gameplay: 8.5
Unlike past Resident Evil games, you're more agile in combat such as rolling and lying on your back. These mechanics make me feel like I'm playing Max Payne. Sadly, the camera is way too zoomed in on you which mean you can barely see your legs. Though, the dodge rolls can really come in handy during boss fights.
Graphics: 9.5
Resident Evil 6 probably has the best graphics I've seen all year. The graphics allow for more detailed enemies and realistic character models. 

Multiplayer: 9
Resident Evil 6 is more fun when you go through it with a friend. You can play it solo if you want, but it'll be harder. So I highly recommend that you play this game on Co-op.

VGT SCORE: 8.9 OUT OF 10 (Great)
The critics obviously don't know what a good game is. It's just that Resident Evil 6 doesn't feel like a Resident Evil game anymore. Me personally, I think Resident Evil should throw in the towel. Overall, Resident Evil 6 has an excellent story (Leon's campaign is the best), good graphics, good gameplay, and awesome co-op.
Till Next Time!!