Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Walking Dead Review

Hey Guys, I was interested in the Walking Dead the game after it won Game of the Year at the Spike VGAs. I must say that this dramatic-horror game deserves that title.
Story: 9.5
The Walking Dead is very impressive with its story. It's episodic, so you'll have to pay for all five episodes. You're better off getting this game on a disc. Anyway, you play as Lee Everett who is pretty much trying to protect the little girl Clementine. The story overall is filled with surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game can also be extremely depressing (especially episodes 3 and 5) which can be very disturbing to some players. If you already played the game, you'll know why this game is so sad.

Gameplay: 9
This entire game is driven by the choices you make, which is unique. But this is a point-and-click game, so there's really nothing too special about the gameplay. I must not also forget that you have to solve puzzles in order to find a solution based on your situation.

Graphics: 8
The Walking Dead is based on the comics, so the graphics are supposed to seem similar to a comic book. I think it looks good and it's in HD at least!

The Walking Dead has an impressive story and benefits with incredible voice acting. It's a point-and-click game, but it's driven by the choices you make. The graphics aren't meant to be perfect, but The Walking Dead is a good example that graphics don't make a good game.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Gamers #14- A Very Marcus Christmas!

Superm6031: Hey Guys, looks like the world didn't end after all. I feel bad for anyone who wasted thousands of dollars on supplies and found out the world didn't end. Anyways, here's the third Christmas special for Two Gamers!
*Two Days Ago..*
Marcus: Hey Rob, you finish your work yet?
Rob: I finished 20 minutes ago.
Marcus: Wow your such a try hard!
Rob: What do you mean?
Marcus: I didn't even have to start mine.
Rob: Marcus, you do realize that this packet is due in about an hour.
Marcus: I know
Rob: Well start it or you're going to get fired!
Marcus: HA! The world's going to end tomorrow so nothing matters anymore!
Rob: Marcus, it's just the end of the calender nothing's going to happen.
Marcus: Who said nothing going to happen!?
Rob: About two-thirds of the world population.
Marcus: Well two-thirds of the world population are idiots!
Rob: Well, whatever you say Marcus.
Marcus: I'm so confident that the world is going to end tomorrow that I'm going to tell the boss off!
Rob: I highly doubt you will.
*5 minutes later*
Marcus: Well Rob, I'm now a free man!
Rob: Oh my god, you actually did it.
Marcus: Now if you need me, I'll be at home playing some Halo.
Marcus: Eat this you stupid noobs!
Nick: Hey Marcus I heard you just got fired.
Marcus: Yeah, I know I did.
Nick: I hope you know the world isn't going to end.
Marcus: Trust me it will!
Nick: Suit yourself.
*The next day*
Marcus: Wait, I'M STILL ALIVE!!??
*The phone rings*
Marcus: Hello?
Rob: I'm still here Marcus
Marcus: Screw you Rob!
*Hangs Up*
Marcus: Oh man, now I got no job and I'm a complete idiot.
*Bells Ring*
Marcus: What's that noise?
Marcus: What the fuc-
Rob: Marcus!! You were right! The world's ending!
Marcus: HAHA! I told you so.
Rob: Don't push it!
*Marley barges in*
Marley: Are you guys seeing this!? Santa's laying toy zombies everywhere!
Marcus: Holy Crap, really?
Marley: No! He's giving us free money! OF COURSE HE LAYING TOY ZOMBIES!
Rob: Okay, what are we going to do?
Marley: We can't do anything, the world's coming to an end. I should have listened to the Mayans!
Darry: Guys Santa is seriously pissed off at us!
Marcus: Darry, how did you get into my house? As a matter of fact, how did any of you get into my house!?
Darry: Oh, there's a big gaping hole in your living room.
Marcus: If there's a hole in my living room, wouldn't those zombies be her-
*Zombies start breaking the door*
Marley: Oh no we're screwed, Game Over, Man! Gamer Over!
Marcus: No this game is just got on!
*Pulls out a 9mm*
Darry: Where did you get the gun!?
Marcus: Are you serious, there's a pile of them over on the corner right there.
Rob: Didn't see that coming.
Marcus: Come on guys, we can climb down this window.
Darry: You have a window?
Marcus: Just because I play video games all day doesn't mean I don't like the sun. Now let's go!
*They climb out the window*
Nick: HOLY GOD!!
Marcus: Nick, what are doing behind my trash cans!
Nick: I'm hiding!
Marcus: Yeah I can see that, now let's go.
Darry: Hey Guys! We can take my car!
Marley: You mean your mom's car?
Darry: Shut up!
Marcus: No, both of you shut up.
Rob: We can fight later, now let's go.
Marcus: No, I have a plan.
Nick: Well let's hear it!
Marcus: We have to eliminate the creator of the zombies, which is Santa. If we kill him, then the world is safe. So we have to succeed.
Rob: What happens if we don't succeed!?
Marcus: We must succeed!
Nick: But Santa is in town! That's a danger zone.
Marcus: Then we'll have to travel on vehicle. And we're not taking Darry's car!
Darry: Oh I see how it is!
*Car Pulls Up*
Bob: Hey Guys! I'm back from vacation!
Marcus: Where have you been, Bob?
Bob: I already told you, remember?
Marcus: I don't and I really can care less.
Bob: Well whatever, I'm headed home!
Marcus: Don't you not know that the apocalypse is occurring right now?
Bob: I know, that's why I'm headed home, so I can hide somewhere.
Marcus: Bob, we need your car.
Bob: Well, okay get in!
*10 minutes later*
Rob: Are we there yet?
Marley: We haven't even moved, you idiot!
Rob: Oh, didn't see that coming.
Marcus: Well it's hard to drive with all this traffic.
Darry: We can take that alley on the left.
Marcus: Good idea, Bob turn left!
Bob: With pleasure!
*Turns Left*
Nick: Hey Marcus! I can see Santa!
Marcus: Bob, drive after that slay!
Bob: Santa is causing all of this?
Marcus: No, Sarah Jessica Parker is, OF COURSE IT'S SANTA!
Bob: Well you don't need to yell.
Nick: Marcus, get the window open and try to blow him out of the sky!
*Opens Window*
Marcus: Alright Santa, time to get a gift from me!
Santa: I'm one step ahead of ya!
*Throws a ball*
Bob: A basketball?
Marley: Why is it hot?
*Blows Up*
Marcus: Ugh! Tear gas! Bob, pull over!
*Pulls Over*
Rob: Well we lost the car, now what?
Santa: Time to die boys!
Marcus: That's what!
*Zombies appear*
Nick: Oh great, this is a big mess we got ourselves into!
Marley: No kidding!
Darry: We can't take these guys out!
Marcus: Can't we?
*Pulls out an M60*
Rob: Where did you get that!
Marcus: It's just movie fiction, don't worry about it.
*Fires away*
Marcus: See? All better now.
Marley: We still have to take Santa out.
Marcus: Oh yeah, that's right.
Santa: Too bad boys, you can't stop me!
?: But I can!
*Santa gets shot*
Santa: Ugh! Who are you!
?: You're worst nightmare!
Santa: No!
Marcus: Santa's dead guys!
Marley: Well that was faster than I thought it was!
Rob: But who killed him?
?: I did.
Rob: Oh my god! Master Chief!
Master Chief: That's right, I killed Santa!
Santa: Like you really did!
Master Chief: What!
*Impales Master Chief*
Master Chief: Run guys!
Rob: NO!
Marcus: Come on we have to go!
Rob: We can't leave him here!
Marcus: We have no choice, he's gone!
Rob: But..
Marcus: COME ON!
Santa: I'm unstoppable! YOU CAN'T KILL ME!!
Marcus: Don't worry Santa, I'm one step ahead of you.
*Pulls out a switch*
Darry: Where did you get that!
Marcus: It was in Santa's bag right over there. And I planted some C4 around while he was "dead".
*Pulls Trigger*
Rob: Whoa!
Nick: Did we do it?
*It starts to snow and the zombies disappear*
Marcus: Yeah, we did it.
*Two days later*
Marcus: Well, I still don't have a job and life is still is as crappy as ever.
Rob: It's typical.
Marcus: Well, Merry Christmas to me.
Superm6031: Well even though life is crap for Marcus, he saved everyone elses'.
Till The Next Episode!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Call Of Duty Black Ops II Review

Hey Guys, many days (maybe months) have passed since I posted anything, but I have been very busy lately. Anyways, I got Black Ops 2 on the day it released and didn't get a chance to review it, but I can say that it's an improvement from the first Black Ops.

Story: 9
The story may be short, but the story is better than the first Black Ops. However, the branching story line can really be a pain since you could end up with an ending you won't like and decisions you won't like either. At least Treyarch tried to make the game more different from the previous Call Of Duty games by making Black Ops 2 less linear. I also admire that you're able to customize your own loadout in the campaign. May I also mention that this has to be the easiest Call Of Duty to date to beat on Veteran difficulty. Don't get me started on Strike Force missions, you are practically doing all the work yourself and your AIs are just plain out dumb that it's not even laughable.

Graphics: 8
The IW engine is outdated and starts to show its age. However, for the time in the series, when you prone a gun animation is shown instead of completely disappearing from the screen, kind of like Battlefield 3. Also, the diving mechanic finally returns since the first Black Ops.

Multiplayer: 9
The multiplayer is now bigger and better than Modern Warfare 3. Sadly, nothing has been done with the lagging issue. Also, for the first time, you're able to have 3 attachments to your weapon which I find impressive. Unfortunately, a lot of weapons are overpowerd and need to be nerfed or something. But the main reason to get this game is for the Zombies which is fun to play with friends.

Gameplay: 8
Not too much change has occurred in Black Ops 2. Other than the new gun animation, branching storylines, and the return of the diving mechanic. In general, it's just another COD game.

Call Of Duty Black Ops II has the best story yet. The IW engine is old now, but it does benefit from its 60 frames per second. The multiplayer is bigger and better, but nothing has been done with the lagging issue. But the main reason why this game is good, is the Zombies. Play this game with friends, it's the best that way.
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