Monday, July 31, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

Hey Guys, now that I've played the Destiny 2 beta it's time that I share my thoughts. Look, I'm only going to say how I feel about it. I'm sure this isn't representative of the full game, but this still gives us a good idea of what this game is going to be like.
Although I'm not going to go much into it, but Destiny 2 has some damn good-looking environments

As soon as you start up the beta, the game prompts you to choose your class and boot up the campaign after you pick your class. There are some pretty cool moments that the cutscenes show you, but what about the story itself?

From what I could tell, I guess it's a story of getting the light back. Sounds like a traditional storytelling element, but I feel like if the dialogue is done right then the story could be good. Think about The Last of Us. The story really isn't anything special, but the way it was conveyed between the characters is what made the game so memorable.

The only memorable character from what I saw in the campaign would be Cayde. I love that silly son of a bitch! He's a bit reminiscent of Claptrap from Borderlands, but Cayde is actually more of a badass than Claptrap. Everyone else just isn't appealing to me. I understand that the main antagonist is only shown for a few minutes, but he already looks generic. Just because he has a deep voice doesn't mean he's a brilliantly written character. I'm sorry, but I just didn't feel like he was an intimidating or memorable villain.

There was still some cool action provided by the campaign. Destiny 2 could take a Doom route in the sense that the gameplay is a lot stronger than the campaign itself. However, they really should have had a difficulty selection for the beta because I felt that it was way too easy for me. Maybe the inclusion of a hard mode would be great for the campaign.

Okay, what about the multiplayer? Destiny was known for its raids, strikes, and PvP multiplayer, so they've had to improve it, right?

I'm going to be honest with you. If you didn't like Destiny, you're definitely not going to like Destiny 2. Fans of Destiny are going to be divisive over the PvP, but it's fun for what it is. I feel like the time to kill is a little too quick because the health regeneration is way too slow and with certain weapons you could literally take out anyone with a couple of shots.

Honestly, everything feels slow! Why the hell does it take so long for my health to regenerate? Why the hell do I have to wait so long for my Super ability to charge up? Why the hell do I have to wait for my abilities in general to charge up? Is it for balance? I'm cool with it in the PvP, but if I have to deal with this in the raids and campaign then I'm not going to have a good time!

However, you can notice that teams do have to work together because of the nerfs. Want to surely finish someone off? Gang up on someone. Need some protection or want someone else to be targeted, go towards your team.

I already didn't like the grinding in Destiny especially when it was mixed with random loot drops, so how is this supposed to attract new players?

Other than a really big nerf and a campaign, Destiny 2 doesn't feel much different than Destiny. Even if everything was tweaked, what are we supposed to do about the campaign? If that's garbage, then people who didn't like Destiny because of the lack of a story are most likely not going to play Destiny 2. Once again, if you loved Destiny then don't let me stop you buy Destiny 2. It's all just my silly opinion.

I just get the feeling this is more like Destiny 1.5 than Destiny 2.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Xbox Live: Free Games of August 2017- A proper close to the summer...

Hey Guys, I am currently working on my impressions for the Destiny 2 Beta. I'm putting all of my thoughts together in a way to not have people throwing pitchforks at me over my opinions. Anyways, next month's free games for Xbox Live Gold members have been announced and boy was I happy!
Image Provided by Major Nelson's Blog

I'm not sure why a game preview is being made free, but I assume it's because the Xbox team can never really satisfy Xbox One users. How about The Culling? It looks like a fun game and it's around the same price point. Personally, I'm just looking for anything is similar to Battlegrounds because I can't wait for that to come to Xbox One.

I've never played a Trials game before. I watched a lot of YouTube videos about the games and I laughed my ass off over them! Just never got a chance to get around them, so it's great that it's being made free for Xbox One owners!

Bayonetta is an awesome game. I bought a physical copy of the game a few months ago and only played a little bit of it. Why I never got back into it is beyond my comprehension, but I guess it's because of all these multiplayer games that are holding me back. If you're not busy and are looking for an action game, please play this game. It's an awesome beat 'em up style game with a lot of wacky action moments. Just don't play this game around other people. You'll understand why when you play the game yourself.

Never played any of the Red Faction game. I've heard Red Faction Guerrilla was pretty good and mixed opinions on Red Faction Armageddon. Maybe I'll play it, but it's at least a much better pick compared to last month's games.

Thanks you all for reading! Seriously, play Bayonetta if you haven't already. I'm still upset over the fact that Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive, but maybe in the far future we'll see a port of it on other consoles. Remember to keep an out for my Destiny 2 Beta impressions.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Telltale's Summer Update 2017: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I know that I'm a day late on this, but I didn't see this until I got home last night. Anyways, this was a surprise as I didn't think they would make any kind of announcement like this for another couple of months or later. I'll have a rundown on what they announced and give you my thoughts on each of them.

Image Provided by YouTube

The Walking Dead is finally coming to a close! Yes, the fourth season will be the last entry in the franchise from Telltale. While I have yet to play the third season myself, I have spoiled the whole season to myself and realized that it was arguably better than the previous seasons. There was some bullshit moments especially for those of you who remember the ending for season 2, but I feel like there was a lot more memorable characters in this season as well as a lot more choices to make compared to previous seasons.

While I might be a bit upset that it's coming to a close, I'd rather have it end where it's at in order to go out with a bang rather than have it get dragged on. Additionally, it would just be more work on their end to get choices to carry over this many seasons.

Never played the Batman Telltale game series, so I really can't commend on it. Doesn't catch my interest, but I guess it's great for fans to know that another season is on the way next month.

What made me really happy was the announcement of the Wolf Among Us Season 2. The Wolf Among Us is one of the most underrated games in recent memory. I don't know a whole lot of people who played it, but the people I met who have played it have nothing but good things to say about it. I really want to read the comics, but I saw that there was 150 issues.

Nonetheless, I'm curious to see what this upcoming season is going to be about. I hope there is a similar concept from the first seasons because I was just a fan of the noir style fable based episodic game. If you haven't played The Wolf Among Us, do yourself a favor and play it.

That's going to do it for me today. Destiny 2's open beta is starting tomorrow and I will give it a try. I know that I said a few years ago I would never talk about Destiny, but I want to at least give the sequel a try.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Ataribox: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I understand that we don't know much details about Atari's new product, Atairbox, but I still feel inclined to say something about it based on what information was provided.

Image Provided by IGN

It's clear that with the success of the NES Classic Edition that Atari is going to try and cash in on some of the action. Do I care about this? No. Atari is a business after all, so what business wouldn't want to take an opportunity like this to get as much money as possible?

I like the design of this console. While you can easily tell that it's not going to take Atari cartridges, it's probably going to contain Atari classics in a digital format much like the NES Classic. It will support retro classics and "current gaming content". Whatever "current gaming content" means is beyond me. Maybe it'll support ROM files, so you can add more games. It has an SD card slot for a reason, but this is my own speculation.

I guess the real question should be which Atari games will be featured? Will we just get 2600 games? 7800? How about the Atari Jaguar? Besides, this product will be useless if the games are lackluster or unappealing.

We just need to see what else this product could do. However, if it does what I think it does in the sense that you could add more games to it then it's already doing something much better than the NES Classic and the SNES classic.

Would I pick this up? If I feel like it's going to sell like hotcakes or become a rare item, then I would buy one. Otherwise, this is just another retro console being re-released.
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Sunday, July 16, 2017

NeoGaf Responses #2

Hey Guys, it's been a while since I have done one of these, but I guess now's a time to have a discussion on the things I find interesting.

1) Do you think Anthem will get a downgrade graphically?
Even though Anthem is a damn good looking game, there is no way in hell it's going to look that way by the time it releases. I want the game to look the way it did in that E3 trailer, but remember that this game is being published by EA. The same company other than Ubisoft that is known to either release games too early and to downgrade their graphics.

Additionally, I agree with one of the comments on this post. It's a modern day game, so of course there is going to be downgrade. However, it's still going to be a good looking game especially on Xbox One X and PC.

2) 4k gaming TVs to Target on Prime Day?
The problem with discounted 4k TVs is that they aren't the good ones. All of them are going to output true 4k no matter what anyone says. However, it's the HDR that is going to make you get the most out of a 4k TV. The OP makes a great point that you have to do some research before you buy a 4k TV especially during a sale like Prime Day.

The Samsung KS8000 series is arguable the best set of TVs for 4k HDR gaming. However, they are difficult to find. You can go on Ebay to find one of them, but they are either overpriced or faulty is some way shape or form.

I suggest doing your own research to see which TV will satisfy your needs. After doing my research, I'm looking into the Sony XBR49X900E. I'm not a big fan of big TVs for gaming and I know that a big TV will show 4k a lot better, but it suits my needs.

3) What current gen game would you introduce a first time gamer to?
This is a hard question to answer. Why? Because a first time gamer doesn't really have a genre that could keep their attention. You all know how big of a fanboy I am of The Witcher 3, so if the person is into fantasy then it's right up their alley.

If they like cooperative games, then I would say Overwatch.You could have fun with the game on quick play without the toxicity and even when you're on a losing streak you could still have fun.

If they want a story, then they'll have a long list of games. First one to come to mind would be The Last of Us, but even that game is not for everyone due to its violence.

As I said before, it all depends on the person. What's the point of recommending a game that I know they wouldn't be interested in?

4) Series in which you went from rabid fan to having a casual interest. What lost you?
Before you raise your pitchforks, please understand where I come from. I was a mega fan of Resident Evil. Literally, I was all into the lore and characters. However, after the release of Resident Evil 6 I just turned into a casual fan.

In retrospect, Resident Evil 6 wasn't a bad game. It just happened to be the downfall of Resident Evil as a survival horror genre until Resident Evil 7 came along. I love Resident Evil 7, but wouldn't you have loved to see zombies and our beloved characters again? I get that these changes were made in Resident Evil 7 in order to be more terrifying, but I guess it's just a new generation for Resident Evil.

Additionally, I've grown apart from a lot of single player games because of the amount of time I spend on online games nowadays.

5) LTTP: Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection - Is it worth to play?
I was in a similar boat as the OP. I've never played an Uncharted game before I got into Uncharted 4. What a big mistake I made to play Uncharted 4 before the previous games because I wasn't familiar with a lot of the characters in the game.

You don't necessarily need to play the other games to play Uncharted 4 since the plot doesn't revolve around the past games other than a couple of references.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is great for new players and old players alike. I can agree with OP that the first Uncharted game didn't age very well and is weak compared to the later games, but I guess this is a genre that not everyone is going to get into. I can also agree that the climbing sections are linear and simple.

However, nobody can deny that Uncharted's gameplay has remained relatively unchanged, but it more than makes up for it in the story department.

Nonetheless, the collection is probably around $20, so I don't see the problem with picking up a copy today if you want to experience or go back to the story of Nathan Drake. I would definitely say that all PlayStation 4 owners should own a copy of Uncharted 4 and ideally have The Nathan Drake Collection.

Sorry for not posting in a while. I'll post as much content before July comes to a close and am looking forward to the upcoming Fall season of gaming.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Five Nights at Freddy's 6 Canceled: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, remember Five Nights at Freddy's? If not, then I apologize for reminding you of this series. I can't believe this series is almost three years old. It seems like yesterday that everyone on YouTube was posting 20 minute speculation videos and gameplay with them overreacting to the jumpscares.

Image Provided by Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki

Okay, I'm not saying the series is all bad. The story behind the games was actually interesting. It's great to share theories around the game's story. However, did we really need a flood of 20 minute speculation videos? We have forums for a reason, so why try to profit off a fad by making cringe worthy clickbait videos? I'm just glad it's over. Otherwise, we would have more LispyJimmys in the world.

The first game was great. It was a unique idea at the time, but it got old very quickly. The fact that over 4 games followed after it really burned out the franchise's spark.

If you want to know the reason why FnAF 6 was canceled, read the statement here. If you were too lazy to read the statement, all you need to know is that Scott Cawthon is tired of being demanded to be popping out these games. He's not necessarily done with the franchise, but don't expect to see the sixth game to be released anytime soon.

The fanbase consists of 12 year olds, so that explains why he's tired of continuing the main games. Think about it, wouldn't grown adults care about this man's time?

Personally, I feel like the franchise should have been over a long time ago instead of just being forced out the door. The games are essentially the same in terms of gameplay. Seriously, the over reliance on jumpscares make the game a lot less scarier, so what's the point? I get the fifth one tries something different, but it's still full of jumpscares.

At the end of the day, it's Cawthon's game. It should be up to him if he wants to continue the series or not. Personally, I don't much care for it anymore, but it's wrong for people to be pressuring him to make another one of these games.
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