Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hardest Campaign Missions In Call Of Duty Black Ops

Hey Guys, if you want or have played the campaign in Call Of Duty Black Ops, you need to know some of the missions. But if you want to play the game on Veteran, you might want to see which campaign mission will be a nightmare to pass.

Vorkuta- Campaign Mission 2
There are two parts in this mission that are ACTUALLY hard. The first part is when you have to take cover behind a mine cart and cover Reznov. And the second hardest part is when you mount an MG near the end of this level.

Executive Order- Campaign Mission 4
Executive Order.jpg
Ok, this is probably the hardest level in the entire game. This mission defies one of the biggest gaming sins, Infinite Enemy spawns. The first hard part is when you head up into a building, there will be an enemy always ready to kill you. Another hard part is when you try to go blow up the rockets and you need to fight your way over there. And the last and very difficult part, is near the end of the mission. It's strongly recommended that you have Smoke grenades and a KS-23 during this part of the level, due to infinite enemy spawns, and I literally pulled some of my hair off during this mission

S.O.G- Campaign Mission 5
The only part in this mission that is very hard is the hill. It's just basically a Suicide run if your not careful, I suggest you take out as may people as you can. But some people were confused on how to beat the level during this part, it turns out you need to knock down three barrels. Some people thought you needed to take out the entire country.

Numbers- Campaign Mission 7
Enemies are usually hidden in this level and the slow motions part just make it worst. Also, infinite enemy spawns return in this level. And the ending of the campaign mission is hard, you need to Pray that you don't die!

Rebirth- Campaign Mission 13
Going through the lab when playing as Mason is pretty hard. But when playing as Hudson, it's a totally different story. When your on the machine gun while playing as Hudson, there is no protection your just standing there saying "Hey I'm The Machine Gun Guy, Kill Me!".

The remaing missions are neutral, but unless you don't want to destroy your TV from this game, you chose the right time to read this post. Make sure to keep coming back, and "We'll Guarantee You Safety!".
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