Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Of Duty Black Ops VS. Medal Of Honor

Hey Guys, the fight between these two First-Person Shooters will be determined here only on Video Gamer's Tribune.

CoD Black Ops cover.png

In Black Ops for the first time you can dive                       
while sprinting.                                                                 

In Black Ops the graphics are so realistic and            
it's playable in 3D!                                                            

When playing online there are 18-players in                     
a server.                                                                         

Of course the best part of this game is Zombie             

In Black Ops you could play with 4-players in Multiplayer mode in Split Screen.                             

File:Medal of Honor 2010 cover.jpg

 When you sprint in the game you can slide which is similar to diving

 The graphics were pretty terrible, it looks like the Nintendo Gamecube or Wii graphics

 When playing Online there are 24-players in a server (Which is pretty cool)

 The only Mode that Medal Of Honor has is Tier 1 Mode which is practically playing the Campaign mode all over again but in a harder difficulty. (Which it's not even hard, the only hard thing about it is that it times you)

 The only way to play the multiplayer in Medal Of Honor is to play online (Which is gay for people who don't have PSN or Xbox Live, but good for people who play on PC)

So all in all, which is better? Black Ops or Medal Of Honor? Of Course, BLACK OPS!!!! Medal Of Honor is the dumbest game in the history of the world. The controls are messed up or inverted like up goes down, down goes up, left goes right, and right goes left. What's up with that?! And I seen the commercials for it and one time I seen a crtic comment on it saying,"Call Of Duty Meet Your Macth!" You call that game a macth? And of course Black Ops is the greatest game in the history of the world.
It's like a 5-year old made Medal Of Honor.

Till Next Time!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Call Of Duty World At War Syestem Difference

Hey Guys, well another World War II game, and the best part about it is Nazis. Yep, Kicking-A and Getting Paid. Hey that rhymed! Wait, we don't get paid! :(

Xbox 360 Version
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War by Activision
Zombie mode is included but you must unlock it from beating the game.
2-Player Co-Op Mode on Story Mode and 4-Player Co-Op Online.
Graphics = AWESOME
There are Three Playable Characters In The Game.

Playstation 3 Version
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War by Activision
Well, Pretty much the same as the 360 version.
Wii Version
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War by Activision
Okay, it does have Co-op but it's not split screen.
Zombie mode is not included :(
Graphics, umm... average
Great if you don't have Xbox Live or Playstation Network. But 8-player Online Matches.
PC Version
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War by Activision
I think it's the same as the 360 and PS3 versions. I'm not sure about the graphics. I am not a PC gamer.
Nintendo DS
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War by Activision
I think this has a different story line.
This game is the Best then any other game on DS.
4-Player Online Matches (I think)
Playstation 2
Boxshot: Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts by Activision
No Co-Op or Online.
No Zombies (I Think)
Different Story Line
Okay looks like were done here guys.
Till Next Time!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Gamers #9-Marcus vs. Marley The Final Showdown

Superm6031: Let us continue, shall we?
Rob: Come on Marcus!
Marcus: Just give me a moment man! I need to reload.
Darry: You really need to help out man!
Marcus: Ok I'm done reloading.
Rob: Let's just go find Marley/
*Rob Gets Shot*
Rob: Dang IT!!
Marcus: You okay?
Nick: Sorry but I can't let you go anywhere.
Marcus: Get outta of the way or you'll find out what I'm about to do.
Nick: You asked for it.
*Smoke Rises*
Darry: What's going on?!
*Paintballs Shoot Out Crazy*
Marcus: What is he doing!
Marcus: Why are you yelling if I'm like two inches away from you?
*Darry Leaves With Rob*
Marcus: Looks Like I'm alone.
*Throws Greanade*
Nick: What is that?
Marcus: Looks like I got him.
Nick: Oh man I'm covered in Paint.
Marcus: Sorry Nick, but I told you to get outta of my way.
Nick: And I guess I should have listened.
Marcus: Right you are.
Nick: ...
Nick: Well what are you waiting for? do it.
*Marcus Shoots Nick*
Marcus: Now that was easy.
Marley's Goon: Don't move or I'll shoot!
Marcus: Ok then.
*Marcus turns around and Shoots*
Marcus: You guys make it to easy.
Bob: Hey am I late?
Marcus: No your just on time. Let's head out.
*Marcus and Bob enter a metal room*
Marley: Well look who decided to show up.
Marcus: Me of course.
Marley: And all this because of a TV.
Marcus: Exactly. And you'll pay for this. And this is the end!
Marley: Not really, Marcus.
*Goons Appear Everywhere*
Marcus: It seems you thought this out.
Marley: Now you'll want to walk away and forget about this or you'll regret it.
Marcus: Ok then.
Bob: Your really just going to walk away? After what happened!
Marcus: There's too many of them. Mind as well forget it.
Marcus: Oh and Marley. I have something to say.
Marley: What?
*Pulls Out Machine Gun*
Bob: Woah!!!
Marcus: SUCKERS!!!!!
Marley's Goon: HE'S TO STRONG!!!!!
Voices: Make that four!!
Rob: You think you'll get away Marley!!
Marley: COME ON GUYS! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!
Marley's Goons: URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Tackels Rob, Bob, and Darry*
Rob: MARCUS???!!!!!!!!! GET THIS GUY OFF ME!!!!!
Marcus: Hang on!!
Darry: Man this guy is strong!
*Darry Punches The Goon And Kicks Him*
Darry: I'll help you Rob!
Bob: MARCUS!!!!!!! GO GET MARLEY!!!!!
Marcus: Right!
*Marley Runs In A Room*
Marcus: Time For Some Action!
*Marcus Enters The Room*
Marley: I know but please spare me!! I don't want any trouble!!
Marcus: Oh boy.

Choose Your Ending
1. A New Start
2. Never Let A Gruge Go

A New Start
Marcus: Fine I'll spare you. After all it was just a TV.
Marley: I'm sorry for what I've done man. I won't do it again.
Marcus: Don't worry about it! Now let's go finish Wii Sports.

Never Let A Gruge Go
Marcus: No, I loved that TV like a brother, but you killed it!
Marley: Please Marcus, NO!!
Marcus: Good-Bye Marley.
*Marcus Fires His Machine Gun*
Bob: I think he finshed the job.
Rob: He did Bob, you never let a gruge go, that's how Marcus roles.

Superm6031: Well who knows what ending you choose. Till The Next Episode!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Gamers #8-Storybook For Childern. Wait What?

Superm6031:Once Upon a time, in a small peaceful neighboorhood everybody got up in the morning to greet one another.
Rob: Morning Darry!
Darry: Morning Rob!
Darry: Morning Marley!
Marley: Morning Darry!
Marley: Morning Nick!
Nick: I gotta go to work.
Superm6031: Yep everthing was just perfect. But only one thing lacks that.
Superm6031: Marcus, get up. Marcus, GET UP!!
Superm6031: No No. I'm just a narrator.
Marcus: What are you doing here?!
Superm6031: Just shut up and do what I tell you it's for the kids.
Marcus: I don't care for no Kids now leave me alone so I could get some dang sleep!
Superm6031: Let's say I control everything!
Marcus: As if.
Superm6031: Let's see about that.
Superm6031: Looks like he's gone. Don't worry you'll see him in the next episode.
Nick: He got rid of Marcus!
Bob: Man he's dangerous! He'll take us all out if we don't obey him!
Rob: We'll have to last untill the end of the episode.
Marley: But Guys, he knows everything that's going on. He even knows what were saying right now.
Rob: As if, he's just a another retard, we'll pull through.
Superm6031: I heard that.
Rob: Oh Crap.
Bob: Now he got rid of Rob.
Nick: If only if he kept his mouth shut, this would have never happened.
Marley: Now it's only us.
Bob: Hey! Where's Darry!
*Darry's House*
Superm6031: A boy is in his House playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live, how wonderful.
Darry: What the heck? Is the roof talking?
Superm6031: No I'm not a roof silly! I'm the narrator.
Darry: Of what?!
Superm6031: Of a book and your one of the characters. And you don't want to end up like your friends for not listening to me.
Darry: What did you do to my friends? And who?
Superm6031: Oh I erased Marcus and Rob from the story and there not coming back. (Until The Next Episode.) And I'll do the same to you if you don't obey me.
Darry: Well, I'm cool with that.
Superm6031: Good. The little boy then continued his game on Xbox Live.
Marley: Forget about Darry. He can take care of himself.
Nick: It's best if we just listen Marley.
Marley: No way! We're fighting back.
Bob: Well he should have kept his big mouth shut.
Nick: Right you are. Now let's just obey him.
Voice: Looks like you need help.
Nick: Who said that? Is someone here?
Voice: Well yeah, didn't you hear me, would someone be here if they were talking?
Bob: He makes a good point their.
Nick: Show Yourself!
*Appears Out Of Darkness*
Voice: Hello fellas.
Both Nick & Bob: IT'S...
Voice: Altair.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Altair: That's not the issue right now. Do you want this guy gone or what?
Nick: Well yeah we want him gone!
Altair: Take this blade and you too.
*Bob & Nick Take Blades*
Altair: We attack at nightfall, it's the best way.
Superm6031: And the little boy eats dog food.
Darry: Come on man this is just wrong!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
*Darry Starts Crying*
Superm6031: Man what a baby.
Altair: It looks like he's attacking your friend.
Nick: How do you know?
Altair: He's crying on the floor. And Superm6031 is behind that curtain.
Bob: Let's get him then!
Altair: Follow me.
*They pull the Curtain*
Superm6031: Hey what the?!
Nick: It's over buddy!
Superm6031: Well to bad for you.
Superm6031: I got rid of you all! I get the last laugh!
Superm6031: Man what a baby. Till The Next Episode!

Guest Star

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Playststion 3, HAS BEEN HACKED?!

Hey Guys, wow it looks like people could hack anything and these guys had just proved it by hacking PS3s and Sony can't do anything!

Sony Investigating PS3 Hack Claims

Group claims firmware updates won't do any good.

January 7, 2011 

Sony is looking into reports its PlayStation 3 console has been hacked and that the only way a security fix can be issued is through releasing new hardware.

Late last month, a hacker group calling itself fail0verflow made a claim it has cracked the PS3 in such a way that Sony will be unable to fix the security flaw with a simple firmware update. The group says it has discovered private root keys that would allow pirated PS3 software to be authorized to run on the console.

"The only way to fix this is to issue new hardware," a fail0verflow member recently told the BBC. "Sony will have to accept this."

The group's claims have not been proven to work thus far, but in theory this could open up the floodgates for pirated software to plague gaming's most secure console. Sony has responded saying it will release a firmware update to fix the potential security breach despite the group claiming otherwise.

"We are aware of this, and are currently looking into it," Sony told Edge Online. "We will fix the issues through network updates, but because this is a security issue, we are not able to provide you with any more details."

This isn't the first time the PS3 has been reportedly hacked. Last January, famed iPhone hacker George Hotz claims to have cracked the console's security but he reportedly did not released the exploit to the public.

Resident Evil Revelations Demo Story

Hey Guys, after beating Resident Evil 5 I just knew there would be another one. And I knew about this game for a long time but the 3DS comes out this year. And this game may come out next year. I just can't wait. But IGN got the chance to play the demo. Let's see how it is.

Resident Evil: The Horror is Back

Trying out Resident Evil in 3D through this original 3DS installment.

January 8, 2011

The horror is back in Resident Evil! That's our impression after a going few sessions with 3DS's Resident Evil Revelations at the Nintendo World demo event in Chiba earlier today.

The Nintendo World demo, the first time Revelations has gone playable, gave players control of Jill Valentine on the ship that serves as the game's central setting. In our two play sessions, we lead Jill through the corridors of the devastated ship and took out a few attacking zombies along the way.

Controls in Revelations will be familiar to modern Resident Evil fans. The game takes place mostly from the character's back. You move with the analogue pad, run with B, ready your weapon with R and fire with Y. You can play around with the camera angle by moving your hand over an on-screen pad, although the only use we could come up with for this when playing the demo was to position the camera for a better look at Jill (not a bad use -- she looks pretty nice with her new Revelations design).

The game allows you to move while firing now. You do this by holding down L, which makes your character move in a strafing fashion. You can move in this fashion even when your gun is drawn and firing.

The ability to move while firing does not mean that Revelations is a run-and-gun game, though. If our demo session is anything to go by, it's the exact opposite. At most, we encountered one or two zombies at a time (although two proved to be enough, as we died in the same spot twice!)

Like the REs of old, the game seems to have a purposefully slow pace, with the thrills coming not from blasting away at zombie hoards but at the suspense of not knowing when something will pop out of door or hidden passage. This happened a few times in the demo. A zombie popped out of a toilet stall and came at Jill. Rats suddenly popped out of vents.

At one point in the demo, we could hear someone grunting and as if he was coming under attack. As we approached a room surrounded by glass walls, we saw that the man was being held at the neck by a zombie. The zombie tossed the man at the room's windows, splattering blood all over the place. When we worked our way to the room, we found that two zombies were eating their recent kill (this is where we died in both our play sessions, by the way).

With atmospheric sounds, and lots of shock scenes, it looks like Resident Evil Revelations could deliver true scares! Those scares will come at the visual quality we've come to expect from the series' latest HD installments. Revelations is a showpiece title for the 3DS in terms of visual fidelity. It also has a nice, clear 3D effect, making it look like you're looking into a virtual 3D world. The MT Framework (which powers both this and Street Fighter IV 3D Edition) appears to have another success story on its hands.

While the Nintendo World demo makes Revelations looks like it's pretty far along, a recent Japanese magazine article listed the game as just 20% complete. Based off our play test though, this one is going to be worth any amount of waiting.

And this is the 100th post of Video Gamer's Tribune... well kinda because I'm still working on Two Gamers but who cares! Till Next Time!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Gamers #7-Marcus Vs. Marley

Superm6031: You know how sometimes friends get into fights and don't talk to you anymore and aren't involed in your life anymore. Well that doesn't work with Marcus and Marley.
Rob: Hey Marcus, I found a 55' inch television in the junk yard. But who would throw this away?
Marcus: Woah! Can I have it?
Rob: Well... Agh, what the heck! You can have it.
Marcus: Man your the best Rob!
Rob: I know I am.
*2 hours Later*
Marcus: This TV is AWESOME!
*Someone Knocks On Door*
Marcus: Be right there!
*Opens Door*
Marley: I heard you got a new TV from Rob. Is it true?
Marcus: Yeah, it's true.
Marley: Well I brought Wii Sports Resorts with me. Wanna play it?
Marcus: Yeah ok.
*Put In Wii Sports Resorts*
Marcus: Hey Marley! Make sure you put on that wrist strap.
Marley: I don't need that blasted thing. I have a tight grip. So you don't have to worry about that.
Marcus: Let's Play Some Bowling.
*15 Seconds Later*
Marcus: HAHA! I got a Strike!
Marley: Well it's my turn.
*Marley Swings Hard And Fast*
Marley: OH NO!!
*TV Shatters*
Marley: Hey I'm sorry!
Marley: But I...
Marley: This isn't over Marcus!
*Marley Walks Out The Door*
Marcus: This Means War.
Darry: Hey Marcus I heard you got a new TV.
*Darry Runs Away*
Marcus: I'm going to make Marley pay for this.
*Meanwhile At Marley's House*
Marley: I didn't mean to break Marcus's new TV!
Nick: Well why didn't you listen to him? He did tell you to put on the wrist strap.
Marley: Still! I have a Tight Grip!
Nick: Not until today you retarted moron.
*Something Is Thrown From The Window*
Marley: What Was That?
Nick: Let me cheak.
*Gas Sprays Out*
Marley: Oh Man! I can't see!
Nick: What's going on?!
*Painballs Are Shot*
Marley: Nick your getting shot with Paintballs! TAKE COVER!
*Marley Pulls Out A Paintball Gun*
Marley: EAT THIS!!
Marcus: Rob, where did he get that Paintball gun?
Rob: How should I know!
Darry: He always had one!
Nick: Pass me a Paintball Gun!
Marley: Catch!
*Nick Grabs Paintball Gun*
Nick: Now I could defend myself!
*Smoke clears out*
Marcus: Dang It! Rob do you have anymore smoke bombs?
Rob: No, I'm out!
Marcus: Well let's get outta here!
Darry: Let's!
Marley: So You Did This Marcus!
Marcus: RUN!!
*Marcus and Friends Run Away*
Marley: So if it's a war he wants, then it's a war he'll get!
*The Next Morning*
Marcus: Well I hope Marley learned his lesson.
*Turns Around*
Marcus: Why is there white stuff on the window?
*Goes Outside*
Nick: And I could tell you who did this Marcus.
Marcus: Wait?! How did you get here!
Nick: Don't worry about that. But Marley did this for revenge.
Marcus: Marley! I just knew it!
Nick: You're not gonna do anything else are you?
Marcus: Oh I will, he broke my TV and he's getting revenge because of that?! That ain't happening!
Nick: Just let it go!
Marcus: Cya.
*Marcus Takes Off*
*10:00 p.m Marley's House*
Marcus: Time for payback!
*Marley Comes Out The Door*
Marley: I see you want revenge, is that right?
Marcus: You bet.
Marley: Well think again and look around.
*Marcus Looks Around And A Bunch Of Guys With Paintball Gun Are Around Him*
Marcus: It seems you thought this plan pretty well.
Nick: I warned you Marcus. Now I might have to shoot you.
Marley: Yeah, so beat it! Before we open fire.
*A Paintball Shoots Marley*
*Uniformes Guys Appear With Paintball Guns And Open Fire*
Rob: Happy to see us?
Marcus: Now I am!
Rob: Take This.
*Passes Paintball Gun To Marcus*
Marcus: Thanks.
Rob: Now come on we need to fight and end this!
Marcus: Let's Do This!
Superm6031: HAHA! Sorry I have to end this but I'll make part two of this episode after another episode!
Man I love this Job XD! But I'm not getting paid :-(!
Till The Next Episode!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Gamers #6-Darry's Very Own Episode

Superm6031: We all know Darry, right? Who helped Marcus and Rob return the Master Chief return to his world. Does it ring a bell? Well this his very own episode.
Darry: I need to buy some new video games. But all the new games came out already. I should go to Gamestop to see what they have.
*Goes Out The Door*
Nick: Hey Darry! I found this old Nintendo 64 at the junk yard and it's still in mint condition.
Darry: What were you even doing at the junk yard?
Nick: 0_0
*Nick Runs Away*
Darry: Man he is weird.
*Opens door to Gamestop*
Darry: Now, what should I buy?
Bob: You should get Kirby Epic Yarn.
Darry: What are you even here.
Bob: I'm always here at Gamestop on Fridays.
Darry: Today is Saturday idiot.
Bob: 0_0
*Bob Runs Away*
Darry: What's up with him! I'll just buy Sonic Colors and Mafia 2.
*Leaves Gamestop*
Marley: Hey there Darry!
Darry: Hi Marley.
Marley: I found an old arcade game of Pac-Man somewhere.
Darry: And by somewhere, you mean you stoled it.
Marley: No...
*Police Sirens Rings*
Marley: 0_0
Marley: I gotta go Darry! Cya! You'll never take me alive coppers!
*Marley Runs Away*
Darry: People are starting to creep me out today.
*Darry goes home*
Darry: Well it's peace and quiet over here.
*Car Breaks Through Wall*
Darry: 0_o
Marcus: Sorry Darry! But Rob gave me a purple nurple.
Rob: Well I'm sorry! I just wanted to have some fun.
Marcus: Man I hope my insurance will cover for this.
*Marcus and Rob leave*
*A brick falls on Darry's head*
Darry: Where am I?
Rob: Your at the hospital.
Marley: You got hit with a brick.
Marcus: We hope your ok.
Nick: We really do.
Darry: You guys are going to pay for this.
Bob: But what did we do?
*10 Guys Appear*
Darry: Make them suffer.
Darry: Told you guys your going pay. And take their wallets.
Superm6031: That was kind of a strange day for Darry. But at least he got to show up as the main character in this episode. Till The Next Episode!!