Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Released Today

Hey Guys, The 3DS finally came out today and It's amazing, I went to Gamestop today and tried it out and I can't explain how awesome it was. Nintendo has surely done it again.

Nintendo 3DS (logo).svg

So Let's talk about the system as much as we can, I gave little details about it in my first blog post.
*It produces 3D graphics without needing any glasses
*There is an Internet Browser soon to come on the 3DS
*You are now able to have Miis on the 3DS
*The Dept slider makes 3D better for everybody, you can turn the 3D on or off. (3D is bad for your eyes so don't play in 3D nonstop)
*There is built in software which are games, one is the ? block that you place on a table and a Dragon comes out of it and you need to defeat it. The other one when you take a picture of yourself or someone else, and you could shoot at it and move using the 3DS' motion sensor.
*There are 2 cameras on the back of the system and in the front, they provide 3D and 2D videos and pictures.

Well, Hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I did,
Till Next Time!!
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