Friday, January 28, 2011

Call Of Duty Black Ops VS. Medal Of Honor

Hey Guys, the fight between these two First-Person Shooters will be determined here only on Video Gamer's Tribune.

CoD Black Ops cover.png

In Black Ops for the first time you can dive                       
while sprinting.                                                                 

In Black Ops the graphics are so realistic and            
it's playable in 3D!                                                            

When playing online there are 18-players in                     
a server.                                                                         

Of course the best part of this game is Zombie             

In Black Ops you could play with 4-players in Multiplayer mode in Split Screen.                             

File:Medal of Honor 2010 cover.jpg

 When you sprint in the game you can slide which is similar to diving

 The graphics were pretty terrible, it looks like the Nintendo Gamecube or Wii graphics

 When playing Online there are 24-players in a server (Which is pretty cool)

 The only Mode that Medal Of Honor has is Tier 1 Mode which is practically playing the Campaign mode all over again but in a harder difficulty. (Which it's not even hard, the only hard thing about it is that it times you)

 The only way to play the multiplayer in Medal Of Honor is to play online (Which is gay for people who don't have PSN or Xbox Live, but good for people who play on PC)

So all in all, which is better? Black Ops or Medal Of Honor? Of Course, BLACK OPS!!!! Medal Of Honor is the dumbest game in the history of the world. The controls are messed up or inverted like up goes down, down goes up, left goes right, and right goes left. What's up with that?! And I seen the commercials for it and one time I seen a crtic comment on it saying,"Call Of Duty Meet Your Macth!" You call that game a macth? And of course Black Ops is the greatest game in the history of the world.
It's like a 5-year old made Medal Of Honor.

Till Next Time!!

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