Saturday, August 1, 2015

Irritating players in Destiny RANT!!!

Hey Guys, I know I posted an article as to why I'm tired of Destiny. However, I decided to give the game another shot. In reality, I really have no other games to play and it's boring to have to go back to GTA V right now. So far, I'm actually enjoying my time in Destiny when it comes to PvP. I think I've been playing Destiny for about three days now and it's safe to say that I pretty much always come across these guys on a daily basis.

Before I go out and start complaining, I will block out the gamertags used in each of my screenshots. Even though these guys are total jerks, they don't deserve to have their names showing up on a relatively obscure blog. I should also mention that this is the Xbox One version of the game.

Teammates who don't PTO

Now, I'm just a sucker for any Domination type modes. I just love the feeling of being pressured to stop focusing on getting kills and rushing in to go capture objectives. However, it seems like in Destiny the need to get kills over the objective is prominent.

The game recently started and we were winning at the time. However, my team was too busy trying to kill people to pay any attention to objective B which was already stolen! I took some initiative and decided to go to B in order to help my team. You know what the sad part is? Nobody came to help me capture the objective! Literally, for most of the game I had to do all of the work while everyone was too busy worrying about their K/D. Actually, I'm not so sure if Destiny puts an emphasis on K/D or not. Anyways, I don't remember if we lost the match or not.

I'm positive you guys can relate to this! When in comes to control, I'm sure the overwhelmingly majority of loses result from people not going for the objective while one person or a couple more on either team actually go out of their way to capture the objective! Trust me, most of my loses come from teammates who don't go to the objective.

Guys, it' called "Control" for a reason! If you wanted to kill people without having anything else to worry about, play on Rumble or just play Call of Duty!

Guys who use explosives

In this match, this guy was using a rocket launcher most of the time. However, it wasn't only him. There was a total of three people who used rocket launchers on this guy's team who pretty much spammed with the rocket launcher! What sad about this is the fact that this guy is level 31! Bruh, you should be using rifle or something like that!

This is something you normally see done by noobs or people who are desperate for kills. Seriously, if you have to kill people with explosives then you have no skills! It only shows that you are reliant on a powerful weapon and without it you're pretty much nothing.

Speaking about powerful weapons....

Shotgun noobs

If this screenshot didn't make you feel just the tiniest bit of disgust, then you are a either a spamming shotgunner yourself or you just pretty much support the use of shotguns in competitive multiplayer matches.

Shotguns have always been a weapon of choice when it comes to shooters. Ideally, you would only use it for crowd control purposed. I totally understand if you would use a shotgun if there was a ton of guys surrounding you and you have to off them as fast as you can. However, I don't tolerate if you have to use it as your primary weapon and only use it to get as many kills as possible.

Really, I don't know what's worse. Using a shotgun or using a rocket launcher? Shotgun users, YOU ARE NOT GOOD! Much like rocket launcher users, it really doesn't take much skill to use a shotgun. Just look at the level of this guy! A level 2 guy killed a level 26 with a shotgun! It would be fair to mention that I was low on health at the time, but it still doesn't change the face that shotguns are just overpowered.

Please, don't even get me started on the Party Crasher. Bungie though it would be a good idea to limit people from using shotguns by making ammo hard to come by, but it doesn't seem to really effect people who find way to still have as much ammo as possible.

Warlocks. End of story.

It's arguable that the Warlock is the most overpowered class in Destiny. Not because of their weapons but their abilities! I'm talking about their Shoulder charges, Nova Bombs, melee attacks, and the God-forsaken Fist of Havoc.

Whenever you see the Fist of Havoc, death is pretty much guaranteed. I have no problem with Warlocks using these to take out a GROUP of enemies. It really angers me when they have to use their abilities on ONE person!

Seriously, why would you even waste your abilities on one person! Quick story behind the image, I was the ONLY guy that was trying to capture this objective. I didn't see this guy coming until the very last minute. I began lighting this guy up, but he used his Nova Bomb to take me out. You won't believe how angry I got at not only this guy but that the fact that I was the ONLY guy trying to capture this objective. Did I mention that my team was losing this match?

Destiny is full of agitating player, but so are most shooters. However, Destiny is much more irritating due to the fact that high level players pretty much access to the better weapons and classes really do make a difference. You won't believe the insane amount of Warlocks I would come across in ONE lobby. You won't believe the amount of people using noob weapons such as shotguns and rocket launchers. It's pretty much unbelievable how many people just don't know when they are just bad at the game or don't know how to play the game.
Till Next Time!!
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