Monday, August 15, 2011

Turtle Beach Earforce XLC Review

Hey Guys, I recently purchased the Turtle Beach Earforce XLC headset for my Xbox 360 and so far I am impressed with it.

Now a little warning about this headset, they are very fragile, one wrong move when opening the headset and one of the cup holders will break. I don't recommend this product to Gamers who aren't going to be careful with these because many of them write negative feedback just cause they weren't careful with it. But this is one of the bad things because they are fragile so please just be careful with them.

I got these headsets for a low price of $30 dollars, so it's worth the money since Turtle Beaches are the best brands and these are one of the cheapest you can get your hands on. So I definitely recommend this product if your looking for a cheap mic that can last for long periods of time. Don't get one of those regular old Microsoft wired Headsets since that is a waste of your money.

Another thing is that you can also plug these babies into your TV's Headphone port and the sound will be amazing! You literally can't hear a thing when you put them on, only if you mute it or take them off. But the noise can hurt your hears and can possibly blow out your speakers, so put your volume down a bit to avoid this problem. If your having problems setting up your Turtle Beach Headsets when your playing it while it's plugged up to your TV's Headphone port, just got to "Preferences", go to "Voice" and go to "Play Through Both" and that will help. And you can hear people if you also adjust the Voice options in "Preferences".

So these Headphones Are great! I don't see why most people hate it? They break it cause their not careful and plus they probably set it up wrong! Which is the reason why people complained about the volume issues, mostly because they don't know how to set it up.
Boxshot: Xbox 360 Headset Earforce XLC by Voyetra/Turtle Beach
I highly recommend these headsets! If there is any questions, please ask down in the comments and I'll answer back ASAP.
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