Sunday, August 9, 2015

Awful Craigslist Sellers #3

Hey Guys, here is another edition of awful Craigslist sellers. Sometimes, people just don't learn that even retail companies beat the prices they give to their items.


If you're going to sell your products, you could at least put the dollar sign in the correct position. Additionally, 20 gigs is not enough for most of these games. Grand Theft Auto V takes more than 8GB will all the updates that it needs and Battlefield 4 is around there as well. If I want to buy a video game, I want to buy it complete.

Some people don't have a problem buying disc only, but I need something to at least cover up the disc, so it doesn't get dirty or even damaged! Why not at least make the price higher instead of only putting the price of the console itself?  Exactly, why is this guy charging $10 for GTA V? I understand that it's like $40 on Xbox 360 pre-owned, but I would at least want to have the game in a case. Where is the headset? I'm pretty sure the headset must be crappy or something if it's $5!


Before selling anything, you have to ask yourself if someone is going to buy your product. This is just one such example. Does anyone want to buy a movie license game? Seriously, I love how this guy tries to add description about the game rather than anything else.

What's more laughable is the price this guy is asking for. He wants $39 for this game that is more than likely awful. I looked up the game on GameStop and you can buy the PlayStation 3 version for $9.99.

The whole point of selling on Craigslist is by selling it for the lowest,yet most profitable price possible. This guy doesn't seem to know how business works.


I can go in depth about knock-off consoles This was an awful Wii knock-off console. This thing used to actually go for $70! It got a price drop to $40! Now, you can pretty much find it at CVS. Is this console even worth $20?

Most of the games on this console suck and aren't worth the time. Even if someone were to buy this, they would get bored of it in an instant.

Well, that's all for today! Trust me, you'll find awful sellers on any website. Actually, I don't think it's going to stop with the amount of people who just continue to do it.
Till Next Time!!
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