Thursday, August 1, 2013

Xbox Live: Free Games in August

Hey Guys, it's now time for a new game to become free game of August. The first game of the month to be free is none other than, Crackdown.

I myself have not even played Crackdown. Crackdown is a game from 2007 and the main reason anyone purchased the game was because the game contained the beta for Halo 3. Much like Bulletstorm, Crackdown became a surprise hit. The game even spawned a sequel, however, I knew that game was a disappointment.

In addition to Crackdown, another game was announced to be free. Dead Rising 2 is the next free game after Crackdown. Not only is Dead Rising 2 free, but it's DLC Case Zero will also be free. I already played Dead Rising 2, however, this game was fun and very difficult.

Both of these games are actually pretty good. Which means there is a possibility that Microsoft may release better free games.
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