Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Facts About EA Games

Hey Guys, now I've been wondering if Electronic Arts would ever improve their games, but I don't think they do. Almost all of them have the same issues as any other type of EA games. Here's what I'm talking about.

Frequent Glitching
Crysis 2 Picture
The graphics for most EA games glitch a lot. Especially for games such as Crysis 2, Medal Of Honor, and Battlefield 3. Sometimes an entire level may glitch up. Although I don't even think these glitches were fixed. Let alone that even in multiplayer, it would glitch up.

Bad Servers
Battlefield 3 Screenshot
Just like any other EA games, the servers are available mostly during the day. At night, they aren't really available. Also, there can be some really heavy lag.

The Hardest Difficulty In The Game Are Easy To Beat
Medal of Honor Screenshot
When you play Battlefield 3 on Hard it's very easy to beat. Same thing for Medal Of Honor and Crysis 2. So if you want an easy achievement or trophy, pick up an EA game that doesn't suck.

Now I hate the fact that the servers aren't available at night and the game would glitch frequently. But I love that it's easy to beat an EA game on the hardest difficulty.
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