Saturday, August 20, 2011

VGT Tech: Roxio Game Capture And Other Capture Cards

Hey Guys, are you interested in Capture Cards and want to buy one? Well you came to the right place, In this segment of VGT Tech.

First of all, most of you are wondering what is a Capture Card? A Capture Card records everything off your Television, like how you look on YouTube and there's Gameplay videos and your wondering, What Kind Of Camera are they using? And you try using a camcorder and the quality comes out terrible and there is black lines on the TV. Well they are using Capture Cards to record.

Well if you already know what a Capture Card is and want one, I got something to recommend for you. I highly recommend getting the Roxio Game Capture. Don't get a Dazzle, your going to have to spend extra cash on required equipment in order to make it work, for example almost all Capture Cards need Splitter Cables. And Roxio Game Capture is an easy setup and you don't need any Splitters!

Comes With,
  •  USB Cable
  • Composite Cables
  • Software Disc
You can get this Capture Card at the low price of $100 dollars or maybe lower, depending where you buy it. This makes the Roxio Game Capture one of the cheapest Capture Cards available. I would also suggest getting the Roxio Game Capture from Amazon since they have it at a pretty good price.

If your here for a set up or want to know how to  set it up then here it is. Before you purchase this product, you need an Xbox 360 HD Component Cables for Xbox 360 and Component AV Cables for the PS3.

Up here you can see how they look like, if you look at the colors and they are the same, then your ready for the Roxio Game Capture. If you are currently using an HDMI cable then it won't work.

This is a diagram of how to hook your console up to the Roxio Game Capture. Don't worry PS3 owners, it may be an Xbox 360 hook up but it works the same for the PS3. Now it is recommended to use a laptop to hook the USB Cables. The Biggest question is, Can you use a Mic? As a matter of Fact, You Can!

Now when you install your Disc that came with the Roxio Game Capture, you can do a bunch of stuff with it. You can also make your gameplay videos in HD! You can do a lot with the options. But a little thing if you already have it, Make sure to make your format AVI! It's one of the best formats because it has some good quality.

If there is any questions please ask down below in the comments. Be sure to buy the Roxio Game Capture, the best Capture Card which you don't need any Splitters! Also you can share your videos to YouTube, Facebook, Well Anything!
Till Next Time!!
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