Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Editorial: Keep Children From Swearing Online!

Hey Guys, I'm sure you have been playing Halo, Battlefield, Call Of Duty or some other game and then out of nowhere, a kid joins the game. At first he doesn't speak, but then he starts swearing up a storm!

Parents with children heed my advice, don't buy your child a mic. Everytime I go online there are children as young as 7 who swear. Kids tend to swear online or insult other players because they think it's "cool". I try my best not to say anything because I'll just make it worst. Let me list a couple things so you can make sure your child is safe or if you are a victim of a swearing child,

For Parents
  • If you buy your child a mic, make sure to either Monitor him or her, or place a recording device in their room to make sure they don't swear.
  • Don't buy your child an M-rated game, they'll tend to learn swear words from the game then you.
For Players
  • If you catch a swearing child on Xbox Live or PSN, take action! Don't let them continue insulting other players, threaten them by calling Xbox Support if you are an Xbox player, I don't know about PlayStation.
  • Get their parents on the mic so you can tell them that their child is swearing, get creative to do this, but beware of the ''Microsoft Employee" prank, you can get banned for this, but only if you get caught.
  • Mute them
Children swear and insult way to much on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, it's up to you the player or parent to stop children from doing this. But believe me, there are terrible parents who let their children swear.
Till Next Time!!
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