Monday, October 31, 2016

In Retrospect: Outlast

Hey Guys, Happy Halloween! Okay, originally I wasn't going to be writing about Outlast because I never played the game until a couple of days ago. I got the game on sale during the Xbox Live Shocktober sale. I was planning on going back to Alien: Isolation, but I decided why not Outlast?

This is something I want to add as a new segment on my blog where I look back on older games and see how they aged in either a good or bad way. I will include both games I have or have not played before since I wouldn't remember much about their stories anyway.

I will go into detail about the game's environment later...

Outlast is a survival horror video game that initially released on September 4th, 2013. Yes, it's been a full three years since the game released. It's also been two years since the console version of the game released. I will be looking at the Xbox One version of the game since my PC is a piece of shit that would probably kill itself trying to run it.

Most of you probably remember this game by watching your favorite YouTubers torture themselves playing the game. I know this is how I first heard of the game; otherwise, I probably would not know about this game since it originally came out on PC.

Anyways, does this game hold up today?

Okay, the gameplay is easily the saving grace of the game. There is a tense atmosphere that is caused when you get caught and have to run away from your enemy. Additionally, you just want to faint whenever you do get caught because you can't fight back.

It's kind of bullshit that you can't fight back, but I totally understand why it was implemented into the game. However, it can lead to some frustrating deaths if you do end up getting spotted or an enemy just comes out of nowhere. Yes, there were times where I accidentally ran into an enemy after turning a corner. This is rare, but it does happen.

If you have are a veteran of survival horror games, then you are probably going to breeze through this game on Normal Difficulty. If you want any kind of challenge, then play on Insane. However, the game in of itself is too easy once you pretty much understand how the game works. I can say the same about any other game, but Outlast just feels too easy for me.

The difficulty doesn't kill the experience, but if the game were just a tad bit harder then it would make the game a lot more appealing in terms of replay value.

Believe me, the game has plenty of replay value, but the game is way too short. You can probably complete the game's story on Normal in about 5 hours or less. After that, it's a matter of if you even want to go back on harder difficulties or just get collectibles. I'm not going to give the game shit for this since you could still come back to this game and experience something new.

There are only two major things that I believe hold the game back from being a masterpiece. You may or may not agree with me, but this is just how I feel.

The game over-relies on jumpscares. You do not need to have jumpscares to make something scary. PT is the epitome of a horror game that does not need to have jumpscares to make even a grown man cry. If the game went into a psychological horror genre, then it would be so much better.

That's also not to mention the cliche environment around you. Seriously? The only way a thousand dead corpes in a video game will scare someone is if they were like 7 years old. This is something that has been done so much that it doesn't even bother me or anyone who has seen a horror movie/game in their life. I get it. The asylum you are in is fucked up, but do I really need to see it in a way that is just unoriginal?

Nonetheless, Outlast is a blast to play and you can get it at a dirt cheap price now. Today is the last day you can get the Xbox One version of the game for about $6 and it comes with the DLC. I can't say much about the DLC as I have yet to even play it.

If you haven't played Outlast before and are looking for a scare, then this is a good option. If you do end up loving Outlast, then you're going to have a good time with Alien: Isolation. Just don't expect much of a challenge if you start on a lower difficulty or a great story. The story is interesting, but more should have been done with it to make it better. Like more likable characters?

That's it for me today, guys. Before I end this, I want to say that I am fully aware that Titanfall 2 released last week and Infinite Warfare is releasing this week. I want to get Titanfall 2, but I want to get Dishonored 2 first. Additionally, Black Friday is in a couple of weeks, so I'll wait until then to make any purchases on video games. Actually, I will be pre-ordering Dishonored 2 to get a review out for it due to Bethesda's new review policy. Many of you are going to want to wait to get Dishonored 2, so I'll bite the bullet once more. However, knowing Bethesda the game is probably going to be good.
Till Next Time!!
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