Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Review

Hey Guys, the final entry in the Mass Effect trilogy will end the story of Commander Shepard and it's your job to take earth back!

Gameplay: 9
I love that you are able to choose dilouge during cutscenes, but it will effect the rest of the game. It can go from the fate of a character to the fate of a Colony. There are three ways to play the game: RPG, Story, and Action. I highly recommend playing on RPG since it's like playing a regular Mass Effect game. You're able to upgrade your powers and weapons. Also, the level system returns in Mass Effect 3. I almost forgot, for those of you who aren't familar with the Mass Effect series, you're able to customize your character and your armor. A little note to, an online pass is required for online play and the Galaxy At War system. I'll talk about the Galaxy At War system at the end of this review. But be sure to buy Mass Effect 3 new, NOT PRE-OWNED. You're able to create a romance with most characters inclding same-sex relationships. Sadly, the enemy AI are smarter than your team AI
Graphics: 8
The enviroment around you look detailed along with the holographic items as well. But there is some glitches with the engine. Also, most of the character models look bland and especially on Commander Shepard.
Multiplayer: 7
I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer. But this is where the Galaxy At War system comes in. You're able to create a total new character for the multiplayer and highest level you can reach is twenty. Galaxy At War is supposed to help you get the best ending possible in Mass Effect 3 which is EMS. The higher it is, the better the final battle is. War assests, multiplayer wins, and multiplayer characters help increase the EMS.
Story: 9.5
A lot of tension is in this game, the dilouge is pretty good. A lot of twist and turns happen in the game. The story will take about, 15-30 hours to complete depending on how you play it. Insanity will make it longer. You'll be so excited to play the game and can't wait to play it.
The story is great and full of tension. I wounl't play the multiplayer, all you're doing is surving waves of enimies. The graphics are good. But be sure to buy new copies of Mass Effect 3 since it has an online pass. I got a new copy for $30.
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