Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T-Bagging, Do You Use it?

Hey Guys, now a days do you ever see anybody T-Bag lately? In any FPS games online, anywhere? Well it's kinda weird how nobody T-Bags anymore. To be honest, I still T-Bag! I like to make fun of everybody I kill online, it's like you're so hacked off all you can do is rub your nuts on your Enemy! It's just so hilarious!

But you wanna know which game is better to T-Bag in? The Halo series, it's pretty easy to do it. In Black Ops, it's just really hard to do it! Though T-Bagging does come with a disadvantage. First of all, your sitting ducks to all enemies in sight! Also, the enemy you T-Bagged can team up with another player to kill you. And you can get Avoided on Xbox Live if you T-Bagged! Though, that really sucks.


Like I said there are barley any T-Baggers anymore online now a days. It's almost as if it just disappeared off the face of the Earth. But even though I T-Bag, I really hate people who T-Bag me.
You Know what! I HATE T-BAGGING NOW!!

Here's the Famous Bag Boy video on Youtube!!

Till Next Time!!
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