Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Editorial: Warfighter will be better than Black Ops 2! (Biased Opinion)

Hey Guys, Medal Of Honor Warfighter is on the way and so is Call Of Duty Black Ops 2. In 2010, Medal Of Honor was a disappointment while Call Of Duty Black Ops was both a critical and financial hit. But it's 2012 and Medal Of Honor is ready for a comeback.

Let's face it COD fans, there's always a new Call Of Duty game every year and it feels more of an add-on rather then it's own game. I can admit that I do play COD, but not as much anymore. I love Battlefield, Medal Of Honor, and Call Of Duty, so don't be hating on me afterwards. Let me list why Warfighter will beat Black Ops 2 this year.
  • The graphics and visuals for Warfighter will beat Black Ops 2 for sure since it utilizes the Frostbite 2 engine.
  • Warfighter will be more realistic than Black Ops 2 since it went 100% unrealistic.
  • The multiplayer for Warfighter might even be better than Battlefield 3 which can beat the multiplayer for Black Ops 2.
On the negative side, Black Ops 2 will sell more than Warfighter since there is a lot of COD fanatics in the world(mostly annoying 12 year olds).

I can admit that I already pre-ordered Black Ops 2 before knowing Warfighter was announced. Also, I really hate COD players who call themselves "gamers" when all they play is COD. Plus, one very stupid COD player said that Max Payne 3 was a COD ripoff. Wow, I don't remember that you can use slow motion in COD. And like I said, I'm no fanboy, I'm just being biased. And, I going to buy both Black Ops 2 and Warfighter.
Till Next Time!!
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