Thursday, December 31, 2015

Xbox Elite Controller Supplies Limited: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, remember those Elite Controllers for the Xbox One? Yeah, I actually forgot about those because it did not interest me and I thought it was a stupid idea. Seriously, this thing is like $150 which is half the price of the Xbox One itself.

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In the grand scheme of things, this really doesn't matter. However, I really love to get mad over trivial things such as overpriced controllers. I really do not see what is so special about these Xbox Elite Controllers!

These controllers are not as customization as they are advertised to be. Sure, you can switch buttons and triggers around, but does it have to be $150? It's not like the controller comes with seat belts or something like that.

I will admit that I can be a cheapskate. I will not pay more than $70 for a controller. I consider myself to be a causal gamer, so there really is no need for me to get a controller that allows me to play better. These Xbox Elite Controllers are meant for competitive players.

However, you could get a Scuf controller for around the same price or less. You can actually customize those controllers entirely, so it makes sense those cost around $150 or even $160.

What really made me perplexed is the fact that supplies of the Xbox One Elite Controller are going to be limited until March 2016. Microsoft expected sales to be low! They even knew that this was going to be a terrible idea, but it turns out people were buying these controllers like hot cakes! Why!?

Why would you buy this controller!? Why not a Scuf or something like that? Oh well. In the end, you are not obligated to listen to me as it's your money. However, just know that you are pretty much advocating for overpriced controllers.
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