Friday, August 12, 2011

Camping, Pro Or Noob?

Hey Guys, today we are going to talk about one of the most irritating things online which is camping. But believe it or not, people think that camping is Pro and other thinks it's for Noobs who can't get a kill, but we'll see whether it's Pro or Not.

Well first of all Camping is an optional Legitimate strategy. You get the best gun in the game and you stay in one place to kill one player after another, just staying in one place the entire. Could this be Pro or Not? The Answer is PRO! Think about it, staying in one place the entire game and not dying? I have to admit that's pretty Pro.

Let's talk about another Camping, which is Spawn Camping. You head to an area where your enemies often Spawn at and you stay there until someone spawns there. Could this be Pro or Noob? The Answer is NOOB! Think about it, sooner or later your going to get caught and the second thing you know your going to get counter attacked. And plus that is just plain asinine.

All in all let's warp this up. In Halo Reach when you play Infection it's required to camp so that has to be Pro if you stay alive long enough. Same thing for Black Ops in Search And Destroy, It's required to camp in there and is Pro if you stay alive. So, Camping is Pro if you know how to use it, wisely.
Till Next Time!!
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