Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Darkness II Review

Hey Guys, this is actually a very late review that I started a couple of months ago and didn't finish it. But anyway, did The Darkness II live up to its hype? Or fail miserably?

Gameplay: 8.5
The gameplay feels strange, in a good way. You can use The Darkness by slashing and throwing objects at enemies while simultaneously shooting at them. Also, a hit marker is added to make sure you're enemies are dead. I can say that the gameplay is not your typical FPS. But, there is way to many cinematic moments in the game which makes it feel more of a movie. And you're able to level up your Darkness powers.

Story: 9
The story is really good, but the game is short depending on you're experience. However, there is a lot of twist and turns in the game. And it makes you choose hard decision during some points in the game.

Graphics: 8
The graphics look like Borderlands, but they are detailed. However, some parts of the environment around you look bland, but acceptable.

Multiplayer: 7
The Darkness II doesn't have cooperative multiplayer but it does have co-op missions. But I really didn't enjoy them since they are short and really boring. So I don't think the multiplayer is worth a try.

The story is very good and really has that "dark" mood into it. Gameplay really stands out and doesn't feel like your typical first person shooter. Graphics look like Borderlands, but doesn't run on Unreal Engine 3. The multiplayer was really disappointing. I really suggest you pick up this game, it's worth it. But I have to be honest, the replay level is low, so rent it before you buy it.
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