Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Homefront Review

Hey Guys, Homefront was met with mixed reviews upon its release. So I checked it out for myself to see what was so bad about it. But the game was good, but not that good.
Homefront Screenshot

Story: 9.5
Homefront probably had one of the best stories of the year. It's presentation was excellent, explaining the fallen America that is now occupied by the Koreans. Although, the campaign is completely short, it would take about 4-6 hours to complete. I beat the game yesterday, the day I bought Homefront. But I think the campaign is still enjoyable.

Graphics: 6
Compared with games such as Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3, Homefront failed with the graphics. And this was the first time Unreal Engine 3 did look bad. Textures are terrible around the environment, but the guns have some texture added to it. All in All, Unreal Engine 3 isn't the type of Game Engine for first person shooters, so it should stick with 3rd person.

Gameplay: 7
Homefront brought some interesting gameplay mechanics. This is the first game I played that the hit-marker appears in a campaign. Otherwise, it feels like your typical first person shooter. A little note, be sure to adjust the look sensitivity before you start playing the game.

Multiplayer: 10
The real reason I bought Homefront was for the multiplayer. If you have the time or finished the campaign, the Multiplayer has some great offers. The multiplayer was inspired by the Battlefield franchise. There is also some interesting mechanics when you play multiplayer. For instance, when you spawn, your able to see the whole map and enemy position. And your able to buy objects with Battle Points. Finally, face off with over 32 players in a Match.

VGT Score: 8 Out Of 10
Despite the short campaign, average graphics, the plot of Homefront is outstanding. But I highly recommend you buy the game for it's superior multiplayer. I don't think Homefront is terrible, it would be perfect if the graphics were improved, the campaign would be longer, and some new gameplay mechanics would be added or at least improved.
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