Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why Homefront Is One Of The Best Online Multiplayer Games

Hey Guys, if you ever played the game Homefront then you either hate it or love it. Though the game has received mixed reviews from Critics. But anybody who owns the game, must totally love the Multiplayer. Anyway, I'll tell you why Homefront has the best Multiplayer experience.


1) The Servers
There is like no lag in Homefront. Unlike EA servers, they don't shut down in the early morning or late at night. You can even still play without lag when your on a yellow or red bar!

2) Awesome Gameplay
The multiplayer is very similar to Medal Of Honor and Battlefield. And this is probably the first FPS game to show the entire map when you spawn. I never played an online game that has ever done that. The maps on the other hand, are extremely large. There are a lot of guns in the game, and the max level you can reach is 75 as I believe.

Now, the game isn't worth the $60 bucks. But you're going to want to buy it for it's incredible multiplayer. And did I mention that it could hold up to 32 players in a lobby?
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