Sunday, December 18, 2011

Battlefield 3: The Ranks

Hey Guys, I have had Battlefield 3 for over two months as of today. Currently, I am on level 34 and I'm trying to get to the highest rank. But it's difficult to level up. Today, I'm going to tell you more info on the ranks and how to rank up faster.

In Battlefield 3 the max is 145. There are 45 regular ranks which the highest in colonel and you have the option to keep going to get to 145. Service stars and Medals can help you level up faster so keep that in mind. Also, I heard playing in the Support class can help you level up faster as well.
To be honest, there is no real answer to leveling up fast in Battlefield 3. You just have to keep playing and hope for the best. And I've been playing with the Assault class and it's pretty good. Just be sure to get the game early since it takes a long time to rank up.
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