Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Call Of Duty MW3: More About Kill Confirmed

Hey Guys, most of you played Kill Confirmed on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Although it's just like Team Deathmatch, just changed a little. Also, there is some advantages and disadvantages to Kill Confirmed.

Kill Confirmed overall is a pretty great game type. I love the XP that is offers, which is the reason to start playing in it. Although, in Kill Confirmed it's easier to die then any other game mode. But you can get more kills behind Ground War.

The whole objective of Kill Confirmed is to collect enemy dog tags in order to win the game. To get dog tags, you need to kill an enemy, be aware of any other enemies, as they could take their teammates' dog tags. If a dog tag is red, then it's your teammates' dog tag, if it's yellow then it's an enemy's dog tags.

I like Kill Confirmed; I love the XP that it offers. Also, you can get more kills from it, but it's much more easier to die in Kill Confirmed.
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