Sunday, December 25, 2011

Two Gamers #12- Left 4-6 Christmas 2

Superm6031: Hey Guys, I want to wish you all Happy Holidays from Video Gamer's Tribune. And today I bring you a sequel to the original Left 4 6 Christmas Special for Two Gamers. The story takes place on an island. Rob won a vacation to a private getaway and he invites all his friends. Little do they know, there vacation would turn into a nightmare.
Marcus: How long do we have left to get on that Island Rob?
Rob: About 15 minutes or so.
Nick: Perfect! This is just the thing I want to do on the holidays.
Marley: I hear the sarcasm in your voice Nick.
Nick: Ya think?
Bob: Why are you guys so mad? Come on it's Christmas!
Darry: Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean we'll act any different.
Bob: It would be nice if you did.
Marcus: Why don't both of you just shut up?
*The Plane Lands*
Rob: We're finally here guys!
Marley: Well it's about time.
*Everyone gets off the plane*
Marcus: This place seems quite.
Rob: It's a private island, what else do you think?
Marcus: No, something doesn't feel right.
Bob: What doesn't seem right now Marcus?
Marcus: Well remember what happened last year?
Nick: Like anyone forgot that.
*A Guy Appears*
Darry: Hey look a local!
Marcus: Wait a second...
Rob: What are you so worried about?
Marcus: Didn't you say this was a private island?
Rob: Yeah, why?
Marcus: Then why is this guy here, he looks sick too.
Rob: Wait, this is a private island.
Marley: And I don't think this guy is a local.
Darry: What are you talking about? He's harmless.
*He Grabs Darry*
Marley: This guy ain't human!
Bob: Holy God!
*Marley Punches The Guy Off Darry*
Rob: Let's Get Outta Here!
*They All Run In A Building*
Marley: Ok, can anybody explain what I just saw!
Marcus: That "guy" was a zombie.
Bob: A Zombie? Really Marcus!?
Marcus: Think about it, we are on an Island, there was a Zombie!?
Rob: Dead Island...
Nick: Holy Crap, I thought that game was fake!
Marcus: It is fake Nick, use common sense.
Bob: Now we gotta get off this island.
Rob: Getting out of that Mall last year was easy, but this is going to be hard.
Marley: Well this Island doesn't have any technology so far. Obviously this is going to be hard.
Nick: Hey Guys! I found some crowbars!
Marcus: At least we have something to defend ourselves.
Rob: Ok, if we can get to that airport we arrived from. Then we can signal for help.
Darry: How are we supposed to signal for help?
Marcus: It's an airport, they gotta have some kind of flare gun.
Marley: Your right!
Nick: What helicopter would land here!?
Bob: There's over 6 billion people in the world, there has to be somebody out there.
Darry: Well what are we waiting for?
*They leave the building*
Marcus: Oh my god!
*A Crowd Of Zombies Surround Them*
Bob: How are we supposed to get through!?
Darry: Oh man, we're going to die!
Marley: Shut Up Darry!
Marcus: Ok I have an idea... RUN!!!!!
*They Run Through*
Rob: That's your best idea, Run!?
Marcus: You gotta better idea?
Rob: Good point.
Marley: There's the airport!
Nick: Keep Running!
*They Enter The Airport*
Marcus: Ok, let's find a flare gun somewhere.
Marley: There's no time.
Marcus: Why not?
Marley: Look!
*Zombies Break In*
Bob: Where do we go!
Rob: There's nowhere to hide or run, we're all going to be a zombie.
Marcus: No we can't give up!
Marley: We have to Marcus, there's no other way.
Nick: Great, dying on Christmas, that sucks!
*A Helicopter Breaks In*
Marcus: What the?
Darry: Hey Guys! While you were running I manged to find a helicopter. Pretty neat.
Marley: Just get us in!
*Everyone Gets On The Helicopter*
Bob: Well at least we ain't going to be a zombie.
Nick: Talk about relief.
Marcus: Well another Christmas gone wrong.
Marley: And only one guy to blame.
Rob: What?
*Everyone beats up Rob*
Superm6031: Sucks to be Rob. Anyway, Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night! Till The Next Episode.
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