Sunday, February 5, 2012

Modern Warfare 3: Juggernaut Tips

Hey Guys, some of you have been able to play as the Juggernauts and all of you have been in combat with the Juggernauts. But I'm going to give you some useful tips of being or killing a Juggernaut!

MW3 Juggernauts.jpg

Killing The Juggernaut
    • Never Get Close To A Juggernaut, which will lead to immediate death. In Survival, use Body Armor to protect yourself when getting close to a Juggernaut.
    • Use explosives in order to kill a Juggernaut easier, such as a Predator Missile, Airstrike, Grenades, or C4.
    • If you can't get explosives use powerful weapons. Shotguns or LMGs can be effective. Shotguns such as the Striker can be deadly in close range.
    • Assault Rifles such as the CM901 and MK14 can be great weapons to kill a Juggernaut.

Being The Juggernaut

  • There are two types of Juggernauts, the Recon and Assault Juggernaut. The deadly Juggernaut is the Assault Juggernaut.
  • When playing as either Juggernauts, always find cover, since you could still die. So avoid the big Firefights.
  • When playing as a Recon Juggernaut, stay in a corner for maximum protection.
  • When playing as an Assault Juggernaut, find cover and flank from it.
Juggernauts, they are annoying to some people and most people find them rather useful. But if you use these Tactics, you can kill or be a master of a Juggernaut.
Till Next Time!!
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