Sunday, July 14, 2013

Overpriced DLC RANT!

Hey Guys, the Video Game Industry is starting to grow more stingy. Companies like EA and Ubisoft are now increasing the price of DLC. What sense does that make!?

Before anyone says anything, I know that these DLC prices are high because video game companies want to make a profit from their games. I understand that; however, why would a consumer pay $60 for a video game that isn't complete. Some DLC are not even worth purchasing especially skin or picture packs. I have no problem spending $5 or less on additional content, but $10 and up is just atrocious. DLC is so overprices that most video game companies started selling Season Passes to make their DLC free. $30 for a Season Pass isn't bad at all. In fact, it's actually a money saver. However, it still doesn't mean everyone will buy it. Maybe someone just wants a single DLC pack and that's it. Why pay $30 for that one single DLC when you can get it at a cheaper price? EA is infamous for releasing their DLC at such high prices. It's no wonder why they won Worst Company of the year.

We live in a world where Economics negatively impacts the choices we make. People will do anything to make sure they don't spend a ton of their hard earn cash on their wants. Companies need to make money, so they put their products on high prices to make a profit. However, the Video Game Industry will be doomed if they don't do anything about DLC pricing.
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