Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Gamers #8-Storybook For Childern. Wait What?

Superm6031:Once Upon a time, in a small peaceful neighboorhood everybody got up in the morning to greet one another.
Rob: Morning Darry!
Darry: Morning Rob!
Darry: Morning Marley!
Marley: Morning Darry!
Marley: Morning Nick!
Nick: I gotta go to work.
Superm6031: Yep everthing was just perfect. But only one thing lacks that.
Superm6031: Marcus, get up. Marcus, GET UP!!
Superm6031: No No. I'm just a narrator.
Marcus: What are you doing here?!
Superm6031: Just shut up and do what I tell you it's for the kids.
Marcus: I don't care for no Kids now leave me alone so I could get some dang sleep!
Superm6031: Let's say I control everything!
Marcus: As if.
Superm6031: Let's see about that.
Superm6031: Looks like he's gone. Don't worry you'll see him in the next episode.
Nick: He got rid of Marcus!
Bob: Man he's dangerous! He'll take us all out if we don't obey him!
Rob: We'll have to last untill the end of the episode.
Marley: But Guys, he knows everything that's going on. He even knows what were saying right now.
Rob: As if, he's just a another retard, we'll pull through.
Superm6031: I heard that.
Rob: Oh Crap.
Bob: Now he got rid of Rob.
Nick: If only if he kept his mouth shut, this would have never happened.
Marley: Now it's only us.
Bob: Hey! Where's Darry!
*Darry's House*
Superm6031: A boy is in his House playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live, how wonderful.
Darry: What the heck? Is the roof talking?
Superm6031: No I'm not a roof silly! I'm the narrator.
Darry: Of what?!
Superm6031: Of a book and your one of the characters. And you don't want to end up like your friends for not listening to me.
Darry: What did you do to my friends? And who?
Superm6031: Oh I erased Marcus and Rob from the story and there not coming back. (Until The Next Episode.) And I'll do the same to you if you don't obey me.
Darry: Well, I'm cool with that.
Superm6031: Good. The little boy then continued his game on Xbox Live.
Marley: Forget about Darry. He can take care of himself.
Nick: It's best if we just listen Marley.
Marley: No way! We're fighting back.
Bob: Well he should have kept his big mouth shut.
Nick: Right you are. Now let's just obey him.
Voice: Looks like you need help.
Nick: Who said that? Is someone here?
Voice: Well yeah, didn't you hear me, would someone be here if they were talking?
Bob: He makes a good point their.
Nick: Show Yourself!
*Appears Out Of Darkness*
Voice: Hello fellas.
Both Nick & Bob: IT'S...
Voice: Altair.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Altair: That's not the issue right now. Do you want this guy gone or what?
Nick: Well yeah we want him gone!
Altair: Take this blade and you too.
*Bob & Nick Take Blades*
Altair: We attack at nightfall, it's the best way.
Superm6031: And the little boy eats dog food.
Darry: Come on man this is just wrong!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
*Darry Starts Crying*
Superm6031: Man what a baby.
Altair: It looks like he's attacking your friend.
Nick: How do you know?
Altair: He's crying on the floor. And Superm6031 is behind that curtain.
Bob: Let's get him then!
Altair: Follow me.
*They pull the Curtain*
Superm6031: Hey what the?!
Nick: It's over buddy!
Superm6031: Well to bad for you.
Superm6031: I got rid of you all! I get the last laugh!
Superm6031: Man what a baby. Till The Next Episode!

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