Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Gamers #6-Darry's Very Own Episode

Superm6031: We all know Darry, right? Who helped Marcus and Rob return the Master Chief return to his world. Does it ring a bell? Well this his very own episode.
Darry: I need to buy some new video games. But all the new games came out already. I should go to Gamestop to see what they have.
*Goes Out The Door*
Nick: Hey Darry! I found this old Nintendo 64 at the junk yard and it's still in mint condition.
Darry: What were you even doing at the junk yard?
Nick: 0_0
*Nick Runs Away*
Darry: Man he is weird.
*Opens door to Gamestop*
Darry: Now, what should I buy?
Bob: You should get Kirby Epic Yarn.
Darry: What are you even here.
Bob: I'm always here at Gamestop on Fridays.
Darry: Today is Saturday idiot.
Bob: 0_0
*Bob Runs Away*
Darry: What's up with him! I'll just buy Sonic Colors and Mafia 2.
*Leaves Gamestop*
Marley: Hey there Darry!
Darry: Hi Marley.
Marley: I found an old arcade game of Pac-Man somewhere.
Darry: And by somewhere, you mean you stoled it.
Marley: No...
*Police Sirens Rings*
Marley: 0_0
Marley: I gotta go Darry! Cya! You'll never take me alive coppers!
*Marley Runs Away*
Darry: People are starting to creep me out today.
*Darry goes home*
Darry: Well it's peace and quiet over here.
*Car Breaks Through Wall*
Darry: 0_o
Marcus: Sorry Darry! But Rob gave me a purple nurple.
Rob: Well I'm sorry! I just wanted to have some fun.
Marcus: Man I hope my insurance will cover for this.
*Marcus and Rob leave*
*A brick falls on Darry's head*
Darry: Where am I?
Rob: Your at the hospital.
Marley: You got hit with a brick.
Marcus: We hope your ok.
Nick: We really do.
Darry: You guys are going to pay for this.
Bob: But what did we do?
*10 Guys Appear*
Darry: Make them suffer.
Darry: Told you guys your going pay. And take their wallets.
Superm6031: That was kind of a strange day for Darry. But at least he got to show up as the main character in this episode. Till The Next Episode!!
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