Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wii U Details

Hey Guys, Nintendo's new console has just been announced and now it's time to get some information on the new Wii U.  
Wii U

File:Wii u.jpg

Okay let's start with the basics, first of all this is Nintendo's first Console to support 1080p HD Resolution.

It's also been said that there will be a built in Blue-Ray Disc Player in the system.

Nintendo states that the Wii U can be 3D compatible but the 3D TV sales must rise first.

The tablet controller is touchscreen which is pretty cool. You can also play a game on it even when the television is turned off.

Nintendo also says that the graphics will be better then the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 graphics.

Note to you all, it is a rumor that the console may cost $250 dollars or more.

The Wii U is planned to be released around the year 2012. (Doomsday) XD

Also you can still use the Wii Remote as well, instead of just using the tablet.

It is said that you can still play regular Wii games for the Wii U.

Now, IGN will have more detailed reports on the Wii U. I explained the system function in plain English so you can understand it better. I am looking forward to the Wii U when it is released, hope you guys are too.

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