Monday, June 20, 2011

Killcams, In or Out?

Hey Guys, today in this segment of Video Gamer's Tribune we will be talking about the Killcam and should they return in any other future FPS game.

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Games such as Call Of Duty have Killcams which comes as an advantage to other players. They help you locate a camper (if he or she is still in the area) or to see what you did wrong that killed you in the first place. But at most times, people these days don't seem to be using the Killcam because they want to respawn quickly or they find it annoying. And this why people stopped playing Modern Warfare 2 online because there was a lot of campers.

Games such as Halo, Battlefield, and Medal Of Honor don't use Killcams. Which is kind of annoying itself because it doesn't become an advantage to other players but the person who is playing and camping. Now this is my opinion, I think that these companies that made these games didn't want to add a killcam to their game because, they want to promote camping. Like seriously, I want to play a game with a Killcam because you're able to know an enemies position or know how you died!

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Okay, would you the people prefer Killcams in any FPS games which comes as an advantage and disadvantage? But it's your choice, but I choose to use a killcam so you know what your doing.

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