Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wii Tech: PDP Headset and Wii Speak

Hey Guys, The PDP Headset is a new voice chat unit for the Wii. It's pretty hard to find a Wii Speak now a days, but some stores still sell them. Lucky me, I own a Wii Speak. But in my opinion, Wii Speak is better then the PDP Headset because it is compatible with a wide variety of games. You can use the PDP Headset with only two games. Which are Call Of Duty Black Ops and Conduit 2.

Also, it's confirmed that the PDP Headset won't work with old Wii Speak compatible games such as Animal Crossing City Folk and The Conduit. And Wii Speak won't work with PDP Headset compatible games. But both the PDP Headset and the Wii Speak must be plugged into the Wii console in order for them to work. And the wire for the PDP Headset is much shorter then the wire for the Wii Speak.

So Overall who's better? The PDP Headset or the Wii Speak? It's up to you guys in your own opinions to choose which one is better.

Limited Edition Headbanger® Headset for Call of Duty®: Black Ops on Wii™WiiSpeakproduct.PNG                          PDP’s Headbanger® Headset for Wii™
Oh yeah I almost forgot, there are two versions of the PDP Headset, the White one and the Call Of Duty Black Ops version.
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