Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gears Of War 3 Review

Hey Guys, I just recently purchased Gears Of War 3 and this game is better then what I expected. I have played the Campaign and Beast Mode. Now I can say that the Servers are pretty great, I didn't experience any difficulties with the connection or other similar problems.
Gears of War 3 box artwork.png

Graphics: 8.5
The Unreal Engine returns but is now improved for better graphics, I can honestly say that the Graphics for Gears Of War 3 are better then the previous two games.

Gameplay: 9
The controls are very easy to get use too. I love how when you spawn, you are given protection for a short period of time. This is probably due to the cause of Spawn Camping. About time somebody did something about this issue! OK, I can say that I'm not used to the crossair within a crossair thing, and if you shoot too much then the crossair will grow bigger, meaning that your shots are spreading.

Story: 10
I finally got a chance to play and complete the Campaign, and it's amazing! The characters have a great sense of humor, and are fun to play as. The Campaign is very interesting, and in some parts it's heartbreaking. I can say that someone will die, but I'm not spoiling it, but I couldn't believe my eyes when this happened.

Beast mode is pretty great, but they should have more waves to play since there is only 12 waves to play on. I love the Campaign, overall this game cannot be missed.
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