Saturday, October 10, 2015

Metal Gear Online Impressions

Hey Guys, I feel that I put in enough time to give a fair impression on Metal Gear Online. I didn't start on the first day it released because I didn't want to deal with bugs or glitches. However, I heard that people had technical problems with the game, but I haven't dealt with any major bugs yet. I had a couple of small bugs with the game itself as well as the CQC, but I'll get to that later.

Let me begin with the character customization,

Trust me, there really isn't much..

How can I put this in the most simplest terms without sounding bias? The character customization sucks. In essence, there really isn't much variety starting out. Yeah, you get to unlock more items and weapons as you level up, but there is going to be a high possibility that someone will have the same character appearance as you since your starting character's appearance will be based off the avatar you created in Metal Gear Solid: TPP.

You can even change your character's voice. I don't think many people know about this as I'm always hearing people who have Big Boss's voice as their own.

There are a total of 3 classes you can play as which are Scout, Enforcer, and Infiltrator. The Scout is recommended for beginners, but I hardly see anyone using this class. Infiltrators are pretty much everywhere since they have a stealth camo and Enforcers are ideal for people who are into fast-paced gameplay. There is variety in the game, but it's really nothing special.

Now, let me talk about the game modes,

Yes, you can play as a female

Bounty Hunter is your basic team deathmatch with a twist. You can either eliminate your enemies with lethal weapons or use non-lethal weapons and takedowns to Fulton them. Basically, whoever has the most tickets (indicated the numbers in the circle), wins the game. When you Fulton an enemy, you gain a certain amount of tickets based on their bounty.

Exactly where does the bounty come in? Well, if you kill enemies then your bounty increases and your position is revealed. Let's say that you killed 8 players in the game. If someone were to Fulton you, you would gain 8 tickets back. This could be good or bad for your team. Basically, you're a walking hazard if you kill too many enemies. Your bounty can be reduced if you Fulton enemies.

However, I find this to be the most enjoyable mode.

I'll talk about the stealth camo later

Cloak and Dagger is pretty much Search and Destroy. However, it's pretty fun because you will get a true Metal Gear experience because you just have to use stealth to win!

I really don't like to play this game mode because there is always that one guy on your team who doesn't play stealthy! Well, except for the defender side because they are given the lethal weapons and the attackers are given the non-lethal weapons. The stealth camo will only work if you know how to use it. It doesn't muffle the sound of your footsteps, so don't even bother to sprint or even stand for the matter. I would recommend crouching or lying on the ground behind a wall or in grass to make it harder to spot you.

If you're going to play this game mode, please use stealth if you're on the attackers side and coordinate with your team. Otherwise, you will have little to no chance of winning. Nonetheless, it's pretty fun.

Does this look familiar?

Comm Control is pretty much your typical domination game mode. It's actually pretty fun and it rewards a lot of XP, so you can count on this mode to help you level up a lot faster.

However, it can be really frustrating if your teammates focus on trying to get kills rather than actually going for the objective itself. At the same time, it could be very helpful because you still have the potential to win if you have a lot of points. I'll explain this shortly.

Now, let me talk about the gameplay itself,

Wow, this REALLY looks familiar!

The spawn system works very similarly to Battlefield, but it has one problem. You can spawn next to an enemy on accident! This could either work with you or against you. You could spawn next to your buddy or spawn point, and the enemy will be right next to you. You do have spawn protection, so you will have to be quick to get ready to kill the other player, but you could only shoot once you're out of the spawn protection. Overall, this could be both frustrating and helpful.

Now, let me talk about the biggest problem with the online component to Metal Gear Solid V. People just don't want to use the stealth elements. I'm not going to lie as I mix between going loud and going silent. However, people really should play stealthy especially in Bounty Hunter and Cloak & Dagger. The game doesn't necessarily punish you for not playing stealthy, but you get more incentives for doing so.

I'm not one to dictate what style of gameplay you should be using, but think about your team. If you go sprinting or firing your weapons, then the enemy is going to know your exact location. The mini-map is what really kills the experience as well! If the mini-map wasn't available, then the game would keep players on the edge of their seats and encourage them to play stealthy.

There is a reason why I'm not giving this game a number. There is going to be more content, so it wouldn't be fair to judge this online mode without really seeing its full potential. However, what we got was very enjoyable. It's not great, but it's pretty good. Please, don't even bother reading critical reviews of the game as it's still too early to judge this.
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