Monday, October 12, 2015

Rise of the Tomb Raider has 300 microtransactions: Bruh....

Hey Guys, how many of you are tired of microtransactions? Yeah, not enough to get rid of these microtransactions. This is about a day or two old story, but it hasn't gone mainstream, yet. Anyways, Rise of the Tomb Raider will have 300 microtransactions and will continue to receive more after the game is released.

This is what Noah Hughes, the creative director of the game, told Xbox Wire, (Note: I will be only including what he says about the microtransactions themselves which are known as "Expedition Cards" in the game),
"Expedition Cards offer hundreds of ways to customize your Rise of the Tomb Raider experience. You can also set up challenges for your friends to see if they can beat your scores with the same card setup. We’ll have about 300 cards available at launch, and more will be added in the weeks that follow". 

You can check out the full article here.

He also goes onto to explain that there are two types of cards: Foil and Common. A Common card is used once and must be purchased using credits to use them again- I'll go over what this means a bit later. A Foil card can pretty much make you stronger and can be used whenever you want.

Now, onto my thoughts.

Before anyone does react, just know that you can buy these Expedition Cards with either in-game credits you get from playing the game or real-world currency. However, there really shouldn't be an option to actually pay for these cards. You want to know why?

Nobody is going to even care for the multiplayer portion of the game. Does anyone really believe that game's multiplayer will be any good? Most people really shouldn't be putting their hopes up for the multiplayer especially after the last game's multiplayer mode. As a matter of fact, the multiplayer was critically panned by both fans and critics, so what's the point of even having a multiplayer mode?

Regardless, there shouldn't be microtransactions that will effect gameplay in any significant way! Seriously, someone can buy some over powered Expedition Card and pretty much be unstoppable as they have an unfair advantage since they put the money in for it. What kind of cruel tease is that?

The only way microtransactions will end is if players literally stop using them or outright protest against them! Please, you're aren't special if you do use microtransactions! If anything, you are only supporting this kind of behavior to happen! You might not know it, but companies only really care what you can invest in their game through microtransactions.

Can we end microtransaction? The answer is simple. No. There is just way too many ignorant people who believe that they can do whatever they want with their money despite the fact they are supporting an evil.
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