Friday, October 2, 2015

1TB Xbox One Fallout 4 Bundle Announced - Is it worth a buy?

Hey Guys, before I give you guys the news story of the day I'm letting you know that I'm still working on my Rainbow Six Siege Beta impressions. Hopefully, it will be ready either later today or sometime tomorrow. Anyways, back on topic.

In the recent trend of Xbox One game bundles Microsoft has announced a new 1TB Xbox One console bundled with Fallout 4 coming this holiday season. Specifically, it will release on November 10th.

Interesting design?
This bundle will come with a download code for Fallout 4 as well as Fallout 3. Fallout 3 should be able to work due to the fact that Xbox One will have backwards compatibility by the time this bundle releases. 

Before I go on to why or why you shouldn't buy this console, I have to say that this design does not look appealing at all. I literally gave the same criticism to the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundle. Sure most people will look past this since it's Fallout 4, but a lot of people without that knowledge of video games will probably look past this.

Should you buy this bundle? It's a 1TB hard drive with a game that has an insane amount of value for just $399. It may not come with Kinect, but does that really matter? If you don't have an Xbox One, please buy this bundle.

Fallout 4 is already worth its asking price of $59.99. Additionally, Fallout 4 will be having weekly updates as well as the ability to have mod support, so I'm positive that 1TB hard drive will come in handy.

If the Fallout 3 download code came with all its DLC and if it came with the Fallout 4 season pass, then there would almost be no reason not to buy this bundle. However, I feel that the biggest downfall are these two exact things as well as the fact that they don't include the physical copies of the game.

Regardless, this is a pretty good bundle. If you haven't pre-ordered Fallout 4, please do it! However, if you're like me trying to wait for a good pre-order bonus then wait it out a bit.
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