Sunday, December 23, 2012

Two Gamers #14- A Very Marcus Christmas!

Superm6031: Hey Guys, looks like the world didn't end after all. I feel bad for anyone who wasted thousands of dollars on supplies and found out the world didn't end. Anyways, here's the third Christmas special for Two Gamers!
*Two Days Ago..*
Marcus: Hey Rob, you finish your work yet?
Rob: I finished 20 minutes ago.
Marcus: Wow your such a try hard!
Rob: What do you mean?
Marcus: I didn't even have to start mine.
Rob: Marcus, you do realize that this packet is due in about an hour.
Marcus: I know
Rob: Well start it or you're going to get fired!
Marcus: HA! The world's going to end tomorrow so nothing matters anymore!
Rob: Marcus, it's just the end of the calender nothing's going to happen.
Marcus: Who said nothing going to happen!?
Rob: About two-thirds of the world population.
Marcus: Well two-thirds of the world population are idiots!
Rob: Well, whatever you say Marcus.
Marcus: I'm so confident that the world is going to end tomorrow that I'm going to tell the boss off!
Rob: I highly doubt you will.
*5 minutes later*
Marcus: Well Rob, I'm now a free man!
Rob: Oh my god, you actually did it.
Marcus: Now if you need me, I'll be at home playing some Halo.
Marcus: Eat this you stupid noobs!
Nick: Hey Marcus I heard you just got fired.
Marcus: Yeah, I know I did.
Nick: I hope you know the world isn't going to end.
Marcus: Trust me it will!
Nick: Suit yourself.
*The next day*
Marcus: Wait, I'M STILL ALIVE!!??
*The phone rings*
Marcus: Hello?
Rob: I'm still here Marcus
Marcus: Screw you Rob!
*Hangs Up*
Marcus: Oh man, now I got no job and I'm a complete idiot.
*Bells Ring*
Marcus: What's that noise?
Marcus: What the fuc-
Rob: Marcus!! You were right! The world's ending!
Marcus: HAHA! I told you so.
Rob: Don't push it!
*Marley barges in*
Marley: Are you guys seeing this!? Santa's laying toy zombies everywhere!
Marcus: Holy Crap, really?
Marley: No! He's giving us free money! OF COURSE HE LAYING TOY ZOMBIES!
Rob: Okay, what are we going to do?
Marley: We can't do anything, the world's coming to an end. I should have listened to the Mayans!
Darry: Guys Santa is seriously pissed off at us!
Marcus: Darry, how did you get into my house? As a matter of fact, how did any of you get into my house!?
Darry: Oh, there's a big gaping hole in your living room.
Marcus: If there's a hole in my living room, wouldn't those zombies be her-
*Zombies start breaking the door*
Marley: Oh no we're screwed, Game Over, Man! Gamer Over!
Marcus: No this game is just got on!
*Pulls out a 9mm*
Darry: Where did you get the gun!?
Marcus: Are you serious, there's a pile of them over on the corner right there.
Rob: Didn't see that coming.
Marcus: Come on guys, we can climb down this window.
Darry: You have a window?
Marcus: Just because I play video games all day doesn't mean I don't like the sun. Now let's go!
*They climb out the window*
Nick: HOLY GOD!!
Marcus: Nick, what are doing behind my trash cans!
Nick: I'm hiding!
Marcus: Yeah I can see that, now let's go.
Darry: Hey Guys! We can take my car!
Marley: You mean your mom's car?
Darry: Shut up!
Marcus: No, both of you shut up.
Rob: We can fight later, now let's go.
Marcus: No, I have a plan.
Nick: Well let's hear it!
Marcus: We have to eliminate the creator of the zombies, which is Santa. If we kill him, then the world is safe. So we have to succeed.
Rob: What happens if we don't succeed!?
Marcus: We must succeed!
Nick: But Santa is in town! That's a danger zone.
Marcus: Then we'll have to travel on vehicle. And we're not taking Darry's car!
Darry: Oh I see how it is!
*Car Pulls Up*
Bob: Hey Guys! I'm back from vacation!
Marcus: Where have you been, Bob?
Bob: I already told you, remember?
Marcus: I don't and I really can care less.
Bob: Well whatever, I'm headed home!
Marcus: Don't you not know that the apocalypse is occurring right now?
Bob: I know, that's why I'm headed home, so I can hide somewhere.
Marcus: Bob, we need your car.
Bob: Well, okay get in!
*10 minutes later*
Rob: Are we there yet?
Marley: We haven't even moved, you idiot!
Rob: Oh, didn't see that coming.
Marcus: Well it's hard to drive with all this traffic.
Darry: We can take that alley on the left.
Marcus: Good idea, Bob turn left!
Bob: With pleasure!
*Turns Left*
Nick: Hey Marcus! I can see Santa!
Marcus: Bob, drive after that slay!
Bob: Santa is causing all of this?
Marcus: No, Sarah Jessica Parker is, OF COURSE IT'S SANTA!
Bob: Well you don't need to yell.
Nick: Marcus, get the window open and try to blow him out of the sky!
*Opens Window*
Marcus: Alright Santa, time to get a gift from me!
Santa: I'm one step ahead of ya!
*Throws a ball*
Bob: A basketball?
Marley: Why is it hot?
*Blows Up*
Marcus: Ugh! Tear gas! Bob, pull over!
*Pulls Over*
Rob: Well we lost the car, now what?
Santa: Time to die boys!
Marcus: That's what!
*Zombies appear*
Nick: Oh great, this is a big mess we got ourselves into!
Marley: No kidding!
Darry: We can't take these guys out!
Marcus: Can't we?
*Pulls out an M60*
Rob: Where did you get that!
Marcus: It's just movie fiction, don't worry about it.
*Fires away*
Marcus: See? All better now.
Marley: We still have to take Santa out.
Marcus: Oh yeah, that's right.
Santa: Too bad boys, you can't stop me!
?: But I can!
*Santa gets shot*
Santa: Ugh! Who are you!
?: You're worst nightmare!
Santa: No!
Marcus: Santa's dead guys!
Marley: Well that was faster than I thought it was!
Rob: But who killed him?
?: I did.
Rob: Oh my god! Master Chief!
Master Chief: That's right, I killed Santa!
Santa: Like you really did!
Master Chief: What!
*Impales Master Chief*
Master Chief: Run guys!
Rob: NO!
Marcus: Come on we have to go!
Rob: We can't leave him here!
Marcus: We have no choice, he's gone!
Rob: But..
Marcus: COME ON!
Santa: I'm unstoppable! YOU CAN'T KILL ME!!
Marcus: Don't worry Santa, I'm one step ahead of you.
*Pulls out a switch*
Darry: Where did you get that!
Marcus: It was in Santa's bag right over there. And I planted some C4 around while he was "dead".
*Pulls Trigger*
Rob: Whoa!
Nick: Did we do it?
*It starts to snow and the zombies disappear*
Marcus: Yeah, we did it.
*Two days later*
Marcus: Well, I still don't have a job and life is still is as crappy as ever.
Rob: It's typical.
Marcus: Well, Merry Christmas to me.
Superm6031: Well even though life is crap for Marcus, he saved everyone elses'.
Till The Next Episode!!
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