Sunday, October 4, 2015

Will Star Wars: Battlefront Fail?

Hey Guys, this is a topic that I really do feel like talking about. I'm not a big fan of Stars Wars, but Battlefront did catch my eye when it was first announced. Honestly, I became attracted to it because it looks pretty similar to Battlefield. However, it's been recently leaked that Battlefront is broken, but it's not really known yet. At the same time, it's EA who's publishing the game.

I'm not even being pessimistic here. I'm just being realistic. Do we really trust EA to release game that will function? Sure, it's cool that they are releasing a beta on October 8th, but it's still just a beta. EA already has a feedback system if I remember correctly, but they don't even pay attention to it anyways which explains why they were the worst company in America.

You can just tell that EA is confident that the game will be successful. They even predicted that the game will sell between 9 million and 10 million units by the end of 2016! Want proof? Check it out here.

I'm confident that the game is going to sell like hot cakes! However, these are the people who either don't care about supporting an evil company or are taking their chances. I'm positive the game will be good. Actually, let me change that statement. I'm positive the game will be excellent, but it will probably experience game-breaking bugs and glitches in its first few weeks of release or maybe even longer then that.

This is a game that has so much potential, but who is to know if this game will release broken? Please, don't pre-order Star Wars: Battlefront! Let the reviews start coming in before you buy this game in particular or otherwise you spent your money on a poor excuse of a video game.
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