Saturday, June 7, 2014

Homefront: The Revolution Announced

Hey Guys, just a few days ago Homefront: The Revolution was announced. The original game, which released back in 2011, was a rather mixed result. As of writing this, the multiplayer portion of the original game no longer works, but you can still play with friends. Honestly, I don't remember exactly what score I gave to the original game, but I know I lauded the story and multiplayer. However, I did criticize the length of the game.

The Revolution takes place four years after the original game. However, the game is not set in Philadelphia. The biggest difference between the original game and this one is that The Revolution will be an open world game! The game will be overall similar to Far Cry 3 (or I think it is). You will be able to scavenge resources, build weapons, and recruit other revolutionaries. You can choose whether or not to participate in a firefight or not and the AI will be effected by the choices you make.

The game will be available in 2015 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you want more info on Homefront: The Revolution check out Crytek's official website here.
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