Friday, January 15, 2016

Should you buy The Division Xbox One bundle?

Hey Guys, if you aren't living under a rock then there is a strong chance that you have seen at least one ad for The Division. Since the game is coming out in March, there is going to be a ton of ads for it. The beta is even releasing this month for Xbox One users first. Speaking of Xbox One, guess what? Yeah, say hello to another console bundle from Microsoft....

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The bundle comes with a digital copy of The Division and a 1TB hard drive. This bundle will be available on March 8, which is the same day The Division releases.You can get this all for the price of $399!

Okay, I have two issues with this bundle. One is for value and two is for timing. I'll explain each in just a second.

I'll start off with the value issue. This bundle is $399. You can get the Rainbow Six Siege bundle for the same price. Keep in mind that the Rainbow Six Siege bundle comes with three games, a 1TB hard drive, and a mic. Although I did explain that Rainbow Six Siege is not a console seller, it's a much better deal than The Division bundle if you think about it. I even think that Rainbow Six Siege is included in its physical copy form.

Now onto the timing issue. We don't know if The Division is going to be good. We could always give the game the benefit of the doubt, but if someone is going to drop $400 on this bundle and realize they don't like the game they just wasted their time. In that situation, they would only be paying for the console which you could get for about $350 by itself.

Should you buy this console bundle? No. The only noteworthy thing about this bundle is that it comes with a 1TB hard drive. You could always buy this console bundle later when The Division reviews are released, but the value would still be an issue.
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