Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Info On Battlefield 3's Multiplayer And Second Opinions

Hey Guys, last week when I reviewed Battlefield 3 for its multiplayer I gave it a 10. But after playing it some more, does Battlefield 3's multiplayer really deserve a 10? Also, I'm going to tell more about the multiplayer if you don't know that much about the multiplayer.

First let's talk about the classes of Battlefield 3. There are 4 available to play, Assault, Engineer, Support, And Recon.
  1. Assault- Armed with an M16A3, Assault is a great class to use. Also they could use Medkits or Defibrillators since the Medic class is mixed in with Assault.
  2. Engineer- Armed with an M4A1, an Engineer is a recommended class to use. Engineers could repair friendly vehicles and destroy enemy vehicles. And it's highly recommended to use an Engineer in the Conquest game mode since you play on enormous maps and you use mostly vehicles.
  3. Support- Armed with an M27 LMG, a Support could easily gain points if used correctly. So if you want to level up fast, be sure to use the Support, but you need to get used to it though. Also Support could use a Mortar. And it's great to have a Support on your team since they could provide Ammo. And Battlefield 3 is a fast paced game, so Ammo is your top priority.
  4. Recon- Recon has a lot of gadgets that include Motion sensors, SOFLAMS, and a Radio Beacon. But all in all, Recon is for Noobs.
Okay now on to the Multiplayer Review. Now I acclaimed the Multiplayer since it was very enjoyable, there was no lag, and it was easy to find games. Well I change my mind. I experienced lags several time, for example a car teleported while I was driving a different one. When you start anything that has to do with the online, you have to wait a while for it to load. And there is long loading times in the game. But the Multiplayer is very fun, although your most likely to get paired up by the losing team. And finally, I think Conquest is the only game mode where you can actually drive vehicles, and in Rush including Conquest you can play on Huge maps. So does Battlefield 3's Multiplayer really desreve a 10? No. I'l give it,
Multiplayer: 8
In my opinion, the Multiplayer could have been better, but it's good. And I highly recommend this game to you if you like playing any games online.
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