Friday, August 3, 2012

Brink Review

Hey Guys, I read some reviews on Brink and they didn't seem to good. So I checked it out one day, and well urm, read the review. But the best I'm going to say is that this game is a poor man's Team Fortress 2.

Gameplay: 7
Brink utilizes SMART (Smooth Movements Across Random Terrain) which makes parkour easier to control unlike Mirror;s Edge where you have to use a combination of buttons to do some actions. SMART has it's ups and downs, so I have mixed feelings about it. Also, you need to buy you're abilities by using credits that you get from your performance during the game. And did I forget to mention that you barely sprint faster than you walk, in two of three body types. The three body types are Heavy, Medium, and Light. And the controls feel stiff, but it's not your typical first person shooter controls. I also forgot to mention that this game has the most retarded A.I. a game can offer, they don't help for crap and the enemy A.I. are smarter that your friendly A.I. Lastly, I do enjoy that you can customize your own character, but why can't I play as a female character!?

Graphics: 5
The visuals for Brink are very ugly, even Duke Nukem Forever had better graphics. The environment is not detailed and the character models as well. But I do admire the art design of the characters in Brink.

Story: 6
The story is full of creativity but it's just too simple. There are two factions in this game you can play in, Resistance and Security. Either way, you have to beat them to get the Achievement/Trophy. You can play them out of order if you want to. But either way, the story is just weak.

Multiplayer: 6
I just want to know, were the developers out of ideas when they were creating the multiplayer? The multiplayer is just the story. I really didn't enjoy it. Couldn't there be a Team Deathmatch or some other game mode? And I can't even find a multiplayer match anymore! Just stay away from the multiplayer, you may or may not like it.

The gameplay is less complex then Mirror's Edge (Review will come some time in the future) which is a good thing, but this game has horrible A.I. The story is weak and really won't have you coming back for more. The graphics are just ugly and bad. The multiplayer is just a poor man's Team Fortress 2, as a matter a fact, the whole game is!
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