Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dead Space 2 Review

Hey Guys, Dead Space 3 is coming next year and I think now is the time for a Dead Space 2 review. But is Dead Space 2 as good as it sounds?
Gameplay: 9
Dead Space 2 is nowhere near as scary as the first game, but it's still gives you some scares. The controls can feel clunky at times, but you can get used to it. You also have to upgrade weapons and purchase supplies, but beware everything happens real time, so kill every enemy you see before going to a store, bench, and even saving! This game is also painfully hard and is one of few games that are hard that are made by EA (the others being Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge). But one thing that you must know that is sick about this game, the death scenes and the graphic content. When you die, the game has to show you a very gory death scene that makes you feel sick, and worst of all, you can't fight back! The health system is simple, you must find health packs in order to refill you're RIG, but these health packs are hard to come by in higher difficulties and you're RIG doesn't regenerate by itself. You also have to scavage ammo because you will somehow be needing more ammo, but you have the abilities to use telekinesis and stasis to use against enemies. Telekinesis can come in handy when you run out of ammo because you can tear the limbs off dead enemies and shoot them to impale other enemies. You are also able to stomp on bodies so you can rip them apart to use limbs or find supplies.
 Graphics: 9
The character models have great details, the physics are amazing and space has never looked this sexy. And the gore is very explicit, so I wouldn't play this game if you get sick by looking at this much gore and blood.

Story: 9
You are Issac Clarke, an engineer who survived the Necromorph invasion on a ship called the USG Ishimura. Another Necromorph invasion has occurred and it's up to you to destroy the Marker. But Issac's dead girlfriend Nichole comes back and haunts him. In summary, the story is very creative and unique. 

Multiplayer: 8
I wasn't able to play the online mutliplayer for Dead Space 2 because I didn't have the online pass, so I had to play it at a friend's house. The multiplayer is like Left 4 Dead, it's a Human vs. Necromorph kind of game type. You are able to customize you're character in the multiplayer and you're loadout and for a Necromorph, you are able to improve you're abilities. I thought it was good and I think it's worth a shot.

The gameplay has it's ups and downs, which is mainly the controls that bring it down. The graphics are stunning. The story is filled with imagination and at the same time, twisted. And the mutliplayer is worth a shot, but should get some more work.
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