Friday, August 24, 2012

Editorial: Why I'm Afraid for Resident Evil 6

Hey Guys, in two months Capcom's long anticipated game, Resident Evil 6 will be releasing soon. But, I'm afraid that the game, might turn out bad. And here's why,
  • The long load times that were in the beta can really annoy players, so imagine having to sit in you're chair for 5 minutes just to continue the game.
  • The lighting looks terrible in my opinion, during cutscenes, I can barely see the backround.
  • There is more action than there is horror, whatever happened to the old school Resident Evil games where they were scary, you had puzzles to solve, and you had to scavage supplies.
  • The Jake character is very unappealing, I'd choose horror over action any day.
Now, if you buy Resident Evil 6, be sure to start with Leon's campaign, this campaign makes it feel like a older Resident Evil game. I'll probably hate Jake's campaign.
Till Next Time!!
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