Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Gamers #11- Battlefield 3 Vs. MW3

Superm6031: Two Gamers is back! And just in time since the poll ended for which game is better. And VGT declares that Battlefield 3 is better then MW3. Let's see if it's among Two Gamers Though!

Marcus: Hey Rob, are you getting Gears Of War 3?
Rob: Yeah I'm getting the game. Why do you need to know?
Marcus: Just Checking.
Rob: But I did pick up Dead Island yesterday.
Marcus: How was that?
Rob: Overall, the game is pretty good but I don't really like the characters though. They could add some more just for the fun of the game.
Marcus: I'll probably check that out soon.
Rob: Well ok, I'm heading home so see ya!
Marcus: Ok see you later Rob.
*Rob Leaves*
Marcus: I need something to drink.
*Marcus Leaves And Goes To The Store*
Bob: Hello, Welcome To Jack's Super Store!
Marcus: Bob, since when did you work here!?
Bob: Well I got fired from my old job, now I work here.
Marcus: Well... here I'm buying this drink.
Bob: Ok, that will be $14.00.
Marcus: That's a little pricey for a bottle of Juice.
Bob: It's a tough economy Marcus, get used to it!
*Marcus Leaves*
Marley: Hey Marcus! I just got back from Gamestop and I Pre-Ordered Battlefield 3!
Marcus: Why not Modern Warfare 3?
Marley: Well, Battlefield just got better, So it makes Call Of Duty look like a joke!
Marcus: No, Battlefield ain't nothing compared to Call Of Duty!
Marley: Battlefield 3 is awesome now, Modern Warfare 3 is going to be the same thing as any regular Call Of Duty Game.
Marcus: We'll see about that Marley!
Marley: Whatever
*Marley Leaves*
Marcus: This ain't over Marley.
*The Next Morning*
Marley: I need to get the newspaper.
*Marley Goes Outside*
Marley: WHAT THE?!
*Phone Rings*
Nick: Hello?
Marley: Nick Why Did you do this!?
Nick: What did I do?
Marley: You Wrote "Battlefield 3 Sucks And MW3 FTW" on my Roof!
Nick: Man I didn't do anything. So leave me alone.
*Nick Hangs Up*
Marley: Well, the only Fanboy I know is Marcus. Marcus... Well probably not!
Nick: Guess what?
Darry: What?
Nick: Marley called me this morning and accused me of writing on his roof.
Darry: Well I really don't care.
Nick: Sure you won't...
Darry: Yeah I don't... Now please I would like to Pre-Order Modern Warfare 3.
Marley: I KNEW IT!
Darry: What?
Marley: Don't play stupid with me Darry! I know you wrote on my roof!
Darry: Just because I Pre-Ordered Modern Warfare 3?
Marley: Pretty much, FANBOY!
Darry: I don't have time for this!
*Darry Leaves*
Marley: You can't hide from the truth!
Rob: Hurry up with this Marcus I need to get to work!
Marcus: Just hold still Rob!
Marley: What are you doing?
Marcus: Making a body outline.
Rob: Marcus hurry or my boss is going to be pissed if I'm late!
Marley: Anyway, I know what you did!
Marcus: What did I do?
Marley: Your the one who wrote on my Roof!
Rob: Cya Guys! Man, I'm late for work!
Marcus: Well you said Modern Warfare 3 sucks.
Marley: And so you just ruined my roof.
Marcus: I was contemplating on what else to do to you. Be lucky it didn't go physical.
Marley: Screw you Battlefield 3 will be better than Modern Warfare 3!
Marcus: I'm tired of you Marley, I really am.
*2 Weeks Later*
Marley: Well, time to watch the news.
Anchorman: Today the popular game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has broke sales records selling over 6.5 million copies in a day. While it's competitor, Battlefield 3 sold 5 million in a week.
*Marley's Phone Rings*
Marley: Hello?
Marcus: I told you Modern Warfare 3 is better!
Marley: It's just the sales, I want to see what the critics say about it.
Marcus: Who gives a Crap about the critics!
Anchorman: Hold on I just received word that Battlefield 3 has been voted the best game of the year surpassing Modern Warfare 3. Proving that Battlefield 3 is better than Modern Warfare 3. But it sold more copies than Battlefield 3.
Marcus: What?!
Marley: See I told you that Battlefield 3 was better than Modern Warfare 3.
*The Next Day*
Bob: Hello Welcome to, you know what screw it.
Marley: If you don't like this job, then why don't you quit?
Bob: Well I need the money, and I have no other jobs.
Marley: Well I have nothing else to say.
Marcus: YOU!
Marley: Oh great.
Marcus: Look I don't care what nobody thinks but Modern Warfare 3 will always be better then Battlefield 3.
Marley: I'm not fighting here.
Marcus: Oh well you are!
Bob: Marcus wait!
Marcus: What now!?
Bob: Okay look, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are just video games. They were made by people who want gamers to enjoy them, not turn them into competitions. It's just a game, just play it. Who cares if it's bad or not, if you like it then it's all that matters.
Marley: You know, you made a good point Bob.
Marcus: Yeah your right.
Marley: Look I'll stop complaining if you do to Marcus.
Marcus: Don't worry I will.
Bob: Well screw Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 I'm getting Skyrim.
Marcus And Marley: WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!????????????????????
Superm6031: Well let's hope you guys learned more about fanboyism. It doesn't matter which game is better, if you like it then you like it.
Till The Next Episode!!
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