Tuesday, September 20, 2016

GameStop has finally done something right!

Hey Guys, Broketober is upon us and it's time for your wallet to be sexually harassed to oblivion. In October, there are about four major games that I am interested in buying, which are Gears of War 4, Mafia III, Titanfall 2, and maybe Battlefield 1 if the reviews are good. If the Friday the 13th game also comes out in October, then I have no idea how I'm going to stay on my budget of under $200. I'm a poor college kid, so what the hell am I going to do?

You could get either version of the game to get the coupon

This coupon is only good for new Xbox One games that are valued at $59.99 or above. Yeah, you can get a brand new released game for $40 rather than the standard $60. However, the coupon is only valid from October 18th, 2016 and you have until November 12th, 2016 to use the coupon.

I have no idea why on Earth GameStop is deciding to do something like this. It's already rare for them to have the Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Pre-Owned products, so this comes as a surprise to me.

Honestly, this is a rare exception I would make where I wouldn't mind pre-ordering. First of all, you're getting a total of 5 games for the price of one, so it's already a good deal. The $20 coupon is just the icing on the cake.

Even though people talk shit about GameStop, this is actually a respectful move. Personally, I might use this coupon for Infinite Warfare, so I only have to pay $60 to get the Modern Warfare remaster. Maybe I'll use it to get Dishonored 2. Well, only time can tell.
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