Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Should you buy the Battlefield 1 Xbox One S Bundle?

Hey Guys, this was all announced yesterday, but I had to postpone this post until today because I had homework to do and work following it, so I just didn't have the time. However, it's time to go over each bundle letting you know what you get out of it and if you should buy it or not. I should also add that each bundle comes with a 1 month EA Access membership.

First off, there are two 500GB bundles.
Image Provided by Xbox Wire

The console itself is a standard Xbox One S with a 500GB hard drive. Physically, it's a beautiful looking console. However, I'm already turned off by the fact that it has a 500GB hard drive. It's only $299, so it wouldn't hurt to spend a little extra to add a more spacious hard drive to the console.

Keep in mind that this is available for pre-order. Technically, you're getting Battlefield 1 for free since $299 is the typical price for a 500GB Xbox One S. You're not taking a risk if you don't own an Xbox One. This especially work for those of you who are on a budget and wouldn't mind pay a little more for a hard drive upgrade. Hell, this even has a 4k UHD Blu-ray player, so if you're a movie junkie as well then it's totally worth the price.

Here is the other 500GB that I believe is only for the US,
Image Provided by Xbox Wire

My thoughts are pretty much identical to the previous console, but  the fact that you can only get this in the US in Microsoft Stores and Wal-Mart kind of sucks. This one is totally based on taste solely on the color. However, do buy this if you want to have it as a collector's item since it's an exclusivity.

Now, the final bundle.
Image Provided by Xbox Wire

I'm on the fence with this one. Although it has a bigger hard drive and comes with the Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, it's still a big risk at $349. 1TB still isn't enough for those of you who buy new games regularly, but it's okay if you buy new games once in a while.

Most importantly, Battlefield 1 still hasn't released! We aren't sure if it's going to be good or not. Even though we got a beta, it's still not representative of the final version of the game. Remember Battlefront? That also had a beta and look what happened! Seriously, we can have this whole pre-order debate some other time, but buy this bundle at your own risk.

In all honesty, please buy the 500GB model if you don't already have an Xbox One or Xbox One S and buy a much larger hard drive. Just remember, this is all for a game we should be skeptical about despite the massive hype over it.
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