Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Fallout 4 DLC Announced: My Thoughts

Hey Guys, I'm back with some great news from Bethesda. First of all, it's been about 3 months since the release of Fallout 4, so the time has come for DLC. Seriously, having to go save settlements in a repetitive manner gets boring after a while. I'll save that for the ultra late review though. I'll show you the DLC in chronological order and give my thoughts on each of them.

If you want to see full report from Bethesda, then you can check out their official page here. For copyright purposes, I do not own the images. Anyways, let's get to the news.

Release: March 2016
This DLC is basically about some Mechanist who releases a horde of evil robots and you have to hunt them down while using their parts to make your very own robots.

Depending on how the story behind this DLC is handled, it might be intriguing. Hopefully, people in the commonwealth will be able to react to these robots in order to make the DLC more meaningful. Additionally, if I could make the most badass looking robot with the most effective weapons then I would be more than happy with the customization. Although I might sound stupid for saying this, but no amount of badass robots will replace my Dogmeat as a companion.

Wasteland Workshop
Release: April 2016
This DLC basically allows you capture live creatures and people. Once you do this, you can have them face off against each other or your settlers in a gladiator-like battle. There is also some added customization features in the settlement building thing.

Although this sounds cool on paper, this easily has to be the worst DLC for the game even though only three were announced. Seriously, if there is no added story then why even add it to the game? However, this is just my opinion. Maybe most of you guys could get hundreds of hours worth of gameplay into this "DLC".

Far Harbor
Release: May 2016
This is the largest DLC of the three based on its $25 price tag for owners without the season pass. Apparently, it is the largest world that Bethesda has made for a DLC, so there must be a lot to offer for this. New armor, faction quests, and more have been mentioned. Check out the website for more information about this DLC.

Before I wrap up for today, I have to mention that the price for the season pass is going to increase. For North America, the price is going up from $30 to $40. However, you have time to pick up the season pass for $30 before March 1st. You will not be paying anything extra if you pay the $30 for it.
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