Thursday, September 22, 2016

Xbox Live: Free Games of October 2016- Kill me pls....

Hey Guys, Broketober is getting much closer. While the majority of us won't be able to get more than three new full-priced video games next month, it would have been cool if Xbox Live or even PlayStation Network offered games that could keep us busy for the month. While I can't speak much about PlayStation Network, I can say that Xbox Live is just screwing us over for Broketober.

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For Xbox One owners, Super Mega Baseball will be free from October 1st-31st. Then, The Escapists will be free from October 16th-November 15th.

For Xbox 360 owners, I Am Alive is free from October 1st-15th. Then, MX vs. ATV Reflex will be free from October 16th-31st.

Although I shouldn't be surprised by something like, I still am. October through December are the most important months for video games.These time frames are when the major releases come out, so there should be games that either should be discounted heavily or better quality games that should be provided for free for the Games with Gold program.

I already have college tuition payments to make, so I don't have all the money in the world to buy all these new games coming out. Black Friday is too far away for me and it's just chaos to go Black Friday shopping. Cyber Monday is also terrible for me since I still have to work and go to school.

Seriously Microsoft, let the community have a say as to which games should be free! The only game here I am actually interested in playing is I Am Alive because I actually wanted to play that game back when it was first announced and put through development hell.
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